Heart of my Heart

I know I’ve been away for a while.  Some of you have checked on me through other media sources or friends and I do appreciate the concern. Honestly, after the holidays I needed a break.  I did go to AmericasMart in Atlanta in January and sadly had very little to report. I did find some great things for an upcoming event and some beautiful ribbon for Christmas.  You’ll get to see all of that when the time comes. However, the hotel was average and because the weather was bad I didn’t venture away from the hotel for dining…HUGE mistake.  Nevertheless, I’m back and this past week/weekend was action packed.

We traveled to Jackson, MS to help do floral design for The Heart Ball at The Jackson Country Club. We looked everywhere for Abeline and Minnie but I think their literary and cinema fame has allowed them a respite from the world of bridge clubs, tea parties, cotillions and charity dinners. The Heart Ball is an annual auction to benefit The American Heart Association.



I tried to give them some energy and excitement at the entrance with architectural work, lots of red by means of paneed velvet, Amaryllis and Anthuriums and a few Hades Cymbidium Orchids.  I must tell you the budget was very limited. I know some of you are thinking “that’s not overdone”.  I also know some of you can’t believe I used the word budget!!!


P1030696  P1030697

For the table we made wire hearts and nestled tulips and anthuriums amongst them.





They had compelling and appealing works of art in a broad range of mediums and formats.


I didn’t attend the event but from all accounts the house was lovely and they made a lot of money.

After our work was completed we paused for a bite of lunch.  Keifer’s will always be one of my favorite Jackson dining establishments.


Everything they have is great.  However, I’m not there often so it’s gyro with grilled mozzarella and mushrooms and cottage fries for me…everytime.  DELICIOUS.

Now, on to New Orleans…


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