Eat, Drink, Repeat!!!

So, after you read this you will say, “didn’t you do anything except eat and drink”.  So, I’m telling you now…emphatically…NO!!!  We arrived at Hotel Le Pavillon early evening…Hotwire…$131…thank you. We found our room and almost immediately departed for Deanies.  Several years ago we had oysters at Deanies and they remain our standard in Fried Oysters.  However, the last two times we’ve been they only had oysters on the shell…no fried. So, before you go…call.

They greet you with new potatoes boiled in crab boil and butter on the side.  They are sooo good.  Then you have to decide just how gluttonous you wish to be.

P1030705The Famous Deanies Char-Grilled Oysters did not disappoint.


The New Orleans Style BBQ Shrimp were succulent and delicious.  Dipping the bread in the seasoned butter is almost better than the shrimp.


We wish we’d gotten these broiled.  They were a bit heavy on the batter and unfortunately they seemed to have an abundance of Tomalley.  Of course, there was nothing left on the plate…just making sure we have full disclosure.

We made it back to the hotel just in time for the PB&J Buffet with White and Chocolate Milk and Hot Chocolate…served every evening for 10-11pm.  And, good night!!!

Rise and shine for some in room coffee.  Then, off to Elizabeth’s…in our opinion, the best breakfast in NOLA.


Eggs Florentine

Poached Eggs with Hollandaise with Fried Oysters, Creamed Spinach and Home Fries


Eggs Aubergine

Poached Eggs over Fried Eggplant and Mushroom Gravy with Home Fries

Shopping on Magazine…

P1030712 P1030710



I found Goorin Bros. in Charleston on an afternoon stroll. This time we were looking for cool home furnishing stores in NOLA…and there’s GB….just the coolest hat shop; ever.  I fully believe that in the next month someone will put a mouthpiece on that tuba and march in a Mardi Gras parade…wearing a fabulous hat, of course. I won’t post them here but check out the Animal Farm collection…make sure to click on each so you read the embroidery…too funny!!!  Perfect for the person that has everything…but a title on a hat.

We stopped by Pearl Wine Co. to visit some friends and lo and behold walked into a WHISKEY TASTING…and a good time was had by all!!!


Corsair is being made in Bowling Green, KY and Nashville, TN.  If you’re in to boutique spirits and artisan cocktails…you have to find a retailer that can get you these. This is not your grandpa’s bourbon.  However, the opportunities are endless for libations that will put the P in party.  We really enjoyed our visit with dear friend and owner Leora Pearl Madden and later you’ll get to see a little design project I’m helping her with.  We also got to visit with Cindy Scott and her husband Bill. Cindy is a friend from my hometown. Her parents Anne and Jim Scott helped mold my formative years and set me on the path of success. She’s a highly touted jazz singer in NOLA and has a new recording project…Cindy Scott.




I’m going to make a statement and some of you will recognize what a big deal this is for me. Restaurant R’evolution is the best dining experience we’ve had in the United States.  Alinea in Chicago is more of a culinary adventure.  Spoon in Dallas certainly offers a memorable and beautifully crafted seafood experience.  I’ve done all the Daniel Boulud, Tom Colicchio and David Burke establishments in NYC and they each have their memorable qualities.  You’ve seen my recent experiences in Charleston…all distinctive in their niche and I love Etch, Husk, Margot and Lockeland Table in Nashville. We’ve done the best of San Diego, LA, San Francisco, Napa and Sonoma. I love the work of Bobby Flay and especially Marc Forgione. While I lived in Southeast Asia I had many memorable dinners.  We’ve certainly had meals in France and Italy that would be at the top of the list for food alone. However, for us the efforts of Chefs Tramonto and Folse and their staff will be the standard that all future fine dining establishments are held to.

First, there was a mix up with our reservation.  When they realized it was their mistake they immediately went to work to make sure we were not disappointed.  When they said they could seat us I thought, “two top by the bathroom”. NO, we were in a lovely dining room looking out on to the courtyard of The Royal Sonesta Hotel.

l (4)

 We were seated side-by-side in a banquette…instantly making us the Stars of the room. In a matter of seconds we met “our staff”…all three of them…Alejandro, John and Luke. However, in the course of the evening we had no less than eight servers, including two managers and Chef Folse making sure we were having a perfect evening.  (Side note) As we departed Alain Ducasse at The Plaza Athenee in Paris we were asked how we enjoyed our evening.  Brandt responded,” the food was only second to the beauty of the servers”.  Well, not all of our servers were runway model beautiful (they were in Paris) but their work was like a well rehearsed ballet and their demeanor was the pinnacle of professionalism.


To start…Chef Folse signature dish…Death by Gumbo…Roasted Quail, Andouille, Oysters, Filé Rice


Espresso-crusted Venison Carpaccio

…a culinary work of art…the plate is designed with an indention the size of the carpaccio.


Duck Liver Mousse and Country Pate…$10 for everything in the photo!!!

Grilled Breads, House-made pickled veggies, marinated onions, sweet potato chutney, eggplant caponata, whole grain mustard, nuts and dried fruits.

I don’t know anywhere else in the world to get this kind of culinary craft for $10.


Molasses cured Rotisserie Duck with Field Pea Foie Gras Rice, Crispy Onion, Pea Tendrils

(wine and rich food = poor photography)


14 oz. Milk Fed Veal Chop

We had planned to stroll and let our dinner settle; then go to Cafe du Monde for beignets.  However, by dessert time we had fallen in love with “our staff” and they us and we thought it foolish to go sit with the common folks at Cafe du Monde LOL!!!  They brought the dessert menu and at the same time brought two glasses of Roland Champion Blanc de Blanc.  Art and Liz Spratlin, chairs of The Heart Ball in Jackson had called and asked them to bring us a thank you gift for the floral work…leave, who’s leaving???  The dessert menu had a new item they were all a tither about…


Yes, at this point we were waaaayyyyyy over the peak of indulgence.  This is a gelee’ type cheesecake on a oreo crust. However, the magic is the hidden MOON PIE at the center of the cake.  What flavor moon pie, you ask?  The server nor the guest knows until it is served and cut…we got banana. Then, there’s the chocolate beads, homemade marshmallows carnival puree and the baby!!!  AND, our Heart Ball friends covered this, as well.  What an unforgettable evening.


P1030746 P1030745




Alejandro took us on a private behind-the-scenes tour after dinner…Love Her!!!

No jazz clubs.

No late night mis-adventures.

No night-cap.

No PB&J or Hot Chocolate.

Waddled to hotel and fell into bed…I know worse thing in the world…but, anyway!!!

Rise and shine, pack, depart for home.

Wait, we can’t pass Middendorf’s at Manchac.


The Real South!!!


Crab Claws with Remoulade…not as good as Andrea Feeney’s marinated crab claws but the remoulade is really good.


Oyster Stew





Broiled Shrimp



Paper Thin Fried Catfish and we finally got the Broiled Softshell Crab.

Okay, I told you and now you know…all we did was eat and drink.

This trip was not so much about the house…although Restaurant R’evolution is beautifully designed and certainly lovely.  But, rest assured a good time was had by both of us!!!


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  1. Patsy Shelton says:

    I enjoyed every moment of your trip! I have successfully gained 15 lbs. reading about it and have not had one morsel of food. I am now wiping the drool off my chin! Have missed yall and your world travels. Keep me posted and hopefully when you come to Jackson , I will be there and yall can come visit.

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