Our friends in East Tennessee wonder if they will ever see the ground again.


We finally saw sun this week and it was a glorious sight, indeed.


Do you think we will ever see Spring?  From what I see on social media everyone’s patience is wearing thin. Patience is a learned behavior, you know.  Whether it’s waiting in line at the market, waiting on Spring or waiting for the construction workers to get out of your *#@^%*#% house we all find “the wait” a true test of patience.  Not always, but many times the end result is worth the wait. A time such as this has finally arrived on the project I’ve teased you with over the…actually, the project has been going on longer than I’ve been doing the blog…fifteen months.  However, I do believe the finished product is well worth the test of time, finances and yes…patience.

I invite you judge for yourselves with this Before & After presentation.

Kingston Place Before

Photo 00391

Kingston Place After


This lovely home finally fits its natural environment both in aesthetic and scale. The most valuable part of this project is the sense of placidity and happiness that now hovers round the entire property.

I met these clients which Brandt and I now consider family thirteen years ago today.  After seeing a room I did in the 2000 Tupelo Symphony League Designer Showcase they gave me a call.  They asked if I had seen the television show Designing for the Sexes. I said I had. They made an evening appointment and I wasn’t thinking Valentines at all. However, when I walked in there were roses on the table, champagne flowing freely, chocolate covered strawberries and a beautiful presentation of European inspired charcuterie and fromage.  I fell in love immediately…and thankfully the feeling was mutual.  Interestingly enough I never got to work in that house. They found another house that fit their lifestyle better and that’s where we started our relationship.  There were certainly moments that tried our patience in that house. Yet, that house was mostly “decorating”.  This project was a complete re-design with additions on both ends…remember what I said about scale…it’s fabulous, now!!!

Let’s start with a look at the life of an incredible R Jones sofa with an Osborne and Little cover and accent pillows.


Photo 00135

You see the arm, back and one of the pillows.


Photo 00396

Here she is looking lovely in the new home. Look how completely different Benjamin Moore HC-1 looks in a new environment.


Photo 03014

On a whim, we moved her to what was the dining room…and made the living room the dining room.



Finally, here she is in her new home as the anchor piece for the Master Suite sitting room. Somewhere along the way she made friends with an ACRILA table and a Delos hand-woven rat-tail rug. Eventually, we’ll do sheers on the windows that still allows one to enjoy the view but also offers a bit of relief from the sun.

While we’re in the Master Suite; here’s the Master Bath before…

Photo 00393

and you remember the work in progress photos…




…here’s the finished look!


P1030785 P1030783


Check out the light pattern from the custom designed ceiling fixture from Canopy Designs…one of those things that tried our patience but oh, so worth the angst.

Take a look at the Master Bedroom before…

Photo 00394

…now, today.




Ann Gish bedding, Ercole bedside table and a custom designed Lisa Jarvis I-Beam console accompanied by the art of Michael Banks, Rick Anderson and Jerry Couillard.

I know this is a lot to take in so we’ll save the music room, the study, the wine chamber, the kitchen and family room for another time. Let’s look at one more area. Here’s the aforementioned living room that became the most magnificent dining room I’ve ever had the privilege to design.


Photo 00397

Photo 03003 Photo 03002

During Construction


Last Night!!!





The table is yet to come. When it arrives I’ll make sure I have better lighting so you can appreciate the magnificent lacquer finish on the cabinets.  Even with the existing table the room is absolutely lovely and last evening…a good time was had by all.

Oh, I’m sure you want to know what was for dinner. Well, it was lovely, too.





Romaine and Radicchio with Bosc Pears, Gorgonzola and Toasted Pecans

Fresh and FABULOUS Pappardelle (we watched him cut each noodle by hand) with a take on Michael Chiarello’s Short Rib Ragu

A pair of Panna Cottas…Vanilla Bean with Local Honey and Chocolate with Fleur d’ sel

Fresh made Cranberry and Pistachio Biscotti and Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

LOVELY doesn’t do it justice!!!

Yes, our patience has been tested beyond our imaginations…but in the end the homeowners now have a home that is “them” and one that allows for entertaining a small group of friends or a Grand Gala Soiree’.

Here’s hoping you have love in heart…first and foremost for yourself…then, for others and here’s wishing that you feel loved in return.


Look what a sweet gift came to us from Nancy, the sweetest Valentine in the world.

We hope your Valentine’s is lovely and in spite of mother nature a good time is being had by all!!!


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  1. Marcia Jefferis says:

    Tim, that is awesome. You are a special Valentine! Love, Marcia

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