My Favorite Decor…2021

2021 helped ease the discomfort of a year I won’t mention. Multiple opportunities and events occurred allowing a break from quarantine. The vaccine gave me the opportunity to cautiously meet clients and even hugged someone other than Brandt…tears of joy. I was honored to be called upon to bring TimMagic to clients…old and new.


2021 became a record setting year for SDI. I’m incredibly grateful. I love each project I was afforded. More so, I love the clients/friends who trusted me with their time, resources and dreams.

Bookshelves and consoles and pillows on lounge chairs

Waterfall bar top where cocktails will be shared…

Batik by Benjamin Moore AF-610…Custom Butcher Block Waterfall Bar Top

Wallpaper hung just as the door bell rings…

Wall covering by Elitis…Ceiling fixture by Solaria

These are a few of my favorite things!!!

Rich colored walls don’t make living rooms smaller…

Mink by Benjamin Moore 2112-10…Art by Nikki Chauhan…Patterned Twill by Fabrications

Vertical line always help rooms feel taller…

Citron Ottoman by Kim Salmela…Chair by Pearson…Paloma Face Pillow by Global Views…Celia Lamp by Kinzig

New Dining Side Chairs for Winter or Spring…

Pierce Dining Chair by Lexington

These are a few of my favorite things!!!

Girl’s love a bathroom to primp and feel pretty…

Tissue Pink by Benjamin Moore 1163…Crystorama Luna Sphere Chandelier

Louise hangs proudly to oversee sitting…

Louise by Julie Belmonte

Helping a young couple realize their dream…

These are a few of my favorite things.

When the paint dries…

When the art’s hung…

When my back hurts bad…

Commissioned Art by Armando Pedroso

I simply remember The House was Lovely

And, then I’m oh so glad!!!

Happy Holidays to one and all.

Tim Pierce

Signature Designs, Inc.

Memphis, TN

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