Fabulous Finds Spring 2021

Back by request…

When Fabulous Finds was released at Christmas I received suggestions that I make repeat it for each season. Since then I’ve been collecting for such a time as this.

Spring affords the opportunity for new growth. As the trees bud, the grass sprigs, the birds build nests and we humans look forward to the possibility of leaving our homes we celebrate the opportunity to give gifts, enjoy new trinkets and actually do something I hope we haven’t forgotten how to do…Entertain. Take a look at a few things which might put a bit of Spring into your life. You’ll find links to each in the words which are underlined.

As many of us are continuing our quarantine this puzzle might help pass the time.

“Celebrating the July 16, 2019 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s historic Apollo 11 Moon landing the puzzle features the near side of the Moon in startling detail. The NASA-provided photograph is the clearest image of the Moon to date displaying even the tiniest of craters in stunning clarity. The puzzle measures 26.5” diameter.”

Bring Spring into your cooking and dining attire with this brilliant fashion accessory.

Featuring a blooming field of flowers, this apron was designed by Nathalie Lete for Anthropologie. Nathalie a French artist and designer creates paintings, ceramics, textiles, jewelry, books and toys centered on themes of fantasy, humor and childhood memories.

Wine tasting anyone…

It’s a new kind of wine club. Taste the best wines of the season, every season. Discover 9 wines, by the glass, every 3 months to keep your palate fresh and satisfied. Learn about the regions, grapes, and winemakers. Discover how to pair wines with truffles or Ruffles, Mozart or Madonna, and beachside fires and yes….Netflix marathons. I hear from a reliable source that Mississippi wine/alcohol laws might finally come out of the dark ages.

I enjoy listening to the Milk Street Podcast with Christopher Kimball and Sara Moulton. I discovered Indian(-ish) through them. Priya Krishna has helped me find an appreciation for a food that long has alluded me.

This colorful book is food writer Priya Krishna’s loving tribute to her mom’s “Indian-ish” cooking–a trove of one-of-a-kind Indian-American hybrids that are easy to make, clever, practical, and packed with flavor. Think Roti Pizza, Tomato Rice with Crispy Cheddar, Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Green Pea Chutney, and Malaysian Ramen.

Okay, I’m passionate about Spring Green, New Growth Green, Chartreuse…call it what you will…I’ve always seen it as a sign of life and the joy of living. As they say…I saw these hand blown glasses and had to have them. The come in a wide array of FABULOUS colors and hues.

You may not need more stemware. I do hope you’ll click here to read the Estelle story.

Estelle is a luxury brand of hand-blown colored glass cake stands and stemware in a mix of jewel tones and soft pastels.  The collection is comprised of work by Polish glass artisans at a glass making company with a 100-plus-year-old history.
Estelle Colored Glass pieces are best described as “jewels for your table.” 

These totem candles remind me of our favorite TV show during the quarantine. We loved the Queens Gambit. These are not Chess pieces but share the aesthetic and would certainly be great conversation pieces on a well appointed dinner table.

The Totem Candle is cast in unscented paraffin wax from forms originally created by turning beeswax on a lathe. Approximate burn time is 15/25/35 hours depending on the size of the candle. They are currently sold out but I’m watching for new stock.

If you don’t follow David Lebovitz, please consider it. Since we haven’t been able to travel it’s been great to live vicariously through David. He recently suggested Let’s Eat France. Yes, please!!!

From David…”Of all the books I own on French cuisine, Let’s Eat France is one of my favorites. First up, the book is huge. Think the size of the tablet listing five of the ten commandments, and just as heavy. The book is 13+ inches (33cm) tall and clocks in at 5 1/2 pounds. Each page is crammed with interesting information, well laid out for reading, with plenty of places on the 431 pages for sidebars, anecdotes, photos, charts, asides, maps, and recipes.”

Something else I love…all things Black and White. How could I pass up this “Zebra” Cutting board.

I love the French and their charcuterie as well as the Italian’s with their Salumi. What I’m not fond of is how we take everything overboard. This board is perfect for a piece of fromage, a few slices of salumi and an accompaniment. Do we really need multiple versions of those things?
It’s okay if you do. As my dear friend Perk says, “you do you”.
I’ll be enjoying simplicity presented on this eye catcher.

Friends are the best. I received Le Jacquard Francais table square as a gift….such JOY!!!

For over 130 years, LJF has been committed to the artful preservation of jacquard weaving in France. Invented in the 19th century by Joseph-Marie Jacquard, it automates the weaving of a damask…a fabric whose designs are visible on both the front and the back. This pattern…”Parfums De Bagatelle Freesia visually replicates the delicate, neo-romantic fragrance which pervades armfuls of dahlias. It’s always a good time to plant flowers in the house!”

It’s been said we eat with our eyes. Cook Beautiful might be considered a cookbook but it’s so much more…more akin to a Coffee Table art book. Brandt gave it to me for Christmas…one of those gifts that keeps on giving.

Do you follow Athena Calderone…EyeSwoon? If not, and you like food, entertaining, fashion and lifestyle you really should look her up. In her debut cookbook she offers many of her secrets. Few cookbooks focus on the visual side of cooking. In Cook Beautiful, every recipe is accompanied by a “Swoon Tip”. Included are 100 recipes with step-by-step advice on everything from prep to presentation.

Finally…cordless is back. I bought my sister a cordless stick blender many years ago before I learned to buy things for myself before giving them to others. Then, the cordless version disappeared. Thankfully Cuisinart has brought cordless back in full force.

Cuisinart’s new EvolutionX collection of small appliances are cordless and rechargeable. They offer a compact travel blender, hand blender, hand mixer, mini chopper, and electric wine opener. The whole line takes away the hassle of power cords or the need for multiple power outlets. They’re also very useful for situations like camping, an RV, or outdoor living.

I think these Huggers are absolutely brilliant. So simple. So functional.

The secret to longer-lasting foods…give them a hug. These silicone savers create an airtight seal that’ll keep little bits of whatever fresh as can be. They work for tasks big and small, and since they’re totally reusable and dishwasher-friendly I may be able to give up my Zip-Lock addiction. You can use them for fruits and vegetables as well as glasses, bottles, jars, cans and BUTTER.

Finally, a find I haven’t tried but I’m totally intrigued by. I have Mom’s cast iron and love using it. However, I don’t use it for everyday. I know it’s “built to last” but the Dutch Oven, especially is showing its age. There is a trend toward new cast iron that has all the WOW of aged/seasoned cast iron with the joys of non-stick and easy clean. The verdict is still out, for me. A chef friend tells me I can preserve Mom’s skillets for cornbread and never speak the word Calphalon again. I’m very tempted to try this Smithey No. 6. My friend swears by Butter Pat.

The website says…”Small in size but mighty in function, our new No. 6 skillet is ideal for entertaining, baking, single-serve meals and so much more. Featuring Smithey’s signature polished interior surface, the No. 6 is naturally non-stick, easy-to-clean and guaranteed a lifetime of use. From cast iron cookies to perfect party dips, puffy dutch babies and toasted spices, the No. 6 is ready for fun in the kitchen.
With this skillet, the more the merrier…

Here’s hoping Spring finds your house lovely and the days ahead bring opportunities for a good time to be had by ALL!!!

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