Traditions and Trends

I don’t see how some Supper Clubs meet with regularity. We were together for my birthday in September and by some stroke of luck got together again last evening.  Brandt and I hosted and the menu theme was Old School Recipes.

When planning the tablescape I initially thought Old School would call for traditional.  However, I’m getting a plethora of email and social media posts regarding the new decades design trends.  Thus, the table became “influenced” by trend…maybe the first time I’ve ever been trendy.

Trend I >>> Off-Trend Will Be On Trend

Los Angeles based interior designer Delta Wright says overall anything “uber-unique” will shine in the upcoming decade. Christiana Coop, the co-founder of Hygge & West explains “People are designing their homes to reflect their personalities and creating spaces that tell their story. What makes you truly happy is more important than what you see in magazines or on social media.”


What makes me truly happy is cooking and entertaining. It comes from my mom and actually helps me keep her near me. Last night, as we sat down for dinner the first question was “What was your inspiration for the table?”. Oddly enough the word Trend came to mind.  Again, not a word that’s ever been attached to my work.  Yet, I’ve been trying to update my internet and social media. So, I shared what I’m sharing with you.  “Uber-Unique”…Battenburg Lace tablecloth I bought mom on my first trip to Asia,  Stella’s (Brandt’s grandmother) china, Silver handed down from our dear friend Bucky, new kraft paper placemats, Le Jacquard Français napkins and jonquils. Yes, jonquils…the symbol of starting anew.

Trend II >>> Timeless Looks That Can Evolve

Coop believes people will be buying fewer, but more high-quality pieces. This could mean that fast furniture and decor may be on their way out.  I say…”it’s about time”.


Tiffany Crystal Candlesticks…timeless; check, high-quality; check, fewer…well, I hit two out of three.  More is better!!!

Trend III >>> The Farmhouse Look

The typical farmhouse look is becoming as tired as a Live, Laugh, Love sign….FINALLY!!!  Those who’ve bought so much of it and covered everything in Shiplap…the look is now called Countryside Chic.  Thankfully, this trend takes inspiration from the British Countryside and re-introduces REAL antiques.  It was covered up last night but my 1930’s Duncan Phyfe Mahogany Drop Leaf Dining Table has been one of my favorite furniture pieces since the day I first saw it in Aunties house. Although it’s black lacquer now, I will treasure it always.


Trend IV >>> Colors Will Become The New Neutrals

Neutrals will be replaced by warm colors, saturated hues and jewel tones.  Stark Carpet Creative Director uses the terms “Bold Color” and “Striking Patterns”.  She also predicts a return to wall-to-wall carpet. I’ll play with color and pattern but carpet…not so much.

P1100146 (1)

Color in flowers might not be considered a trend. Yet the suggestion of using bold color is definitely what attracted me to the 1) Enchanted Peace roses and 2) Fuschia tulips.  The variegated clover hydrangea and jonquils were a bonus surprise at Trader Joes.

Trend V >>> Patterned Everything

“We’ll be seeing more pattern mixing with color tying together patterns of varying origin and scale,” says Coop.

P1100150 (2)

Actually, this has always been my thing.  Mixing textures, patterns and elements is part of my DNA. This was the first time to use the Le Jacquard Français napkins.

An unusual marriage with the tablecloth but the Hester and Cook placemats made it all work.

Enough about trend…a Supper Club should be about Supper…back to Tradition…Old School Recipes.

To Start…

Remember these…Pigs in a Blanket and Bacon Wrapped Dates.  They were both updated.  The whole grain mustard sauce elevated the “pigs” to gourmet status and the manchego addition to the dates was otherworldly.

First Course…


I’m often quoted…”it’s not done until it’s overdone”.  I didn’t say it first but I do use it often.  You might say it’s a theme of our Supper Club.  When Kirk walked in he stated, “I might have gotten carried away”.  He did a trio…Pear Salad, Tomato Aspic and a Wedge…one would be perfect but all three was a Southern Classic which could’ve easily been an delectable entree.

Second Course…

To be Old School it had to be Buffet Style.  The table conversation even covered our favorite 1960/70 “cafeterias”.  The buffet line featured Chateaubriand, Crabmeat Imperial, Spinach Madeline, and Root Vegetable Gratin…all classics with French techniques but deep Southern memories.

To Finish…

Okay, this has nothing to do with Old School, Tradition or Trend.  I saw it in an email and had to try it.  Keep in mind baking for me is quite possibly the hardest thing I do in life.  I do not enjoy following recipes and certainly find exact measurements a challenge that’s near impossible.  Nevertheless, I never said I can’t bake…I simply don’t do it with regularity.  I tried a caramel cake for Thanksgiving that was served to the trash can.  This one on the other hand was quite successful.  S’mores Bundt Cake with Marshmallow Fluff aka Italian Meringue…yes, I made them both FROM SCRATCH.


Whether you love traditions, trends or a combination of both…I hope your house is lovely and a good time is had by all.

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  1. Linda Brigance says:

    It all looks amazing. I love the whole story. Can you share your dessert recipe? It sounds like an amazing evening. I missed the unique welcome drink you always serve. Miss you both.

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