Twelve and Ten

When I wanted the weekend to hurry up, school to be out or “couldn’t wait” for Christmas Mom would always respond, “sweetie, don’t wish your life away…when you get to be my age you’ll want things to slow down”.  She never finished the sixth grade but was such a wise woman.


When she turned sixty I had been away from home eight years.  So, the “my age” she spoke of WAS NOT OLD.  However, it’s January 2020. Time seems to be flying at a supersonic pace.  Brandt and I have been together twenty-two years.  We’ve had the loft in Memphis eighteen years. We’ve been married and in the farm house four years.  WOW!!! Oh, lest you’ve forgotten I should mention I had a birthday where both digits changed…MERCY!!!  Grab a glass of wine and indulge me while we take a look back…first, at the past twelve months and then at THE PAST DECADE…time truly does fly.



The month Brandt told me I needed to “get off the sofa.”  If someone loves you enough to be honest with you…listen to them.  So…


Thirty grams of carbohydrates a day. The gumbalaya, (9g carbs) you see is Brandt’s serving…no rice for me.  I started at 296 and by February 28 I was down to 257 (not a typo).


Brandt had a birthday and I ate sugar for the first time in 2019. Still…dropped another 14 pounds in March.


More birthday celebrating. A baby boy, seersucker baby shower.  The Memphis debut of Nashville artist K.C. Perkins.  Unfortunately, the end of the month brought the news that I had shingles…ugggghhhhh!!!!


In the horribly painful darkness of shingles Spring arrived.  Every a goose couple  returns to Edwards Farm to give birth and raise their family.  This year they invited two other couples to join them. Back to the idea of time flying…unbelievably Dad has been gone twenty years. The next time we go we can actually have a glass of wine or buy liquor IN A STORE.  Time may fly with great speed but Time doesn’t change that fast…in Booneville, MS, anyway.  I’m so happy for the hard work and progress Booneville is experiencing.


The bounty of summer makes me so happy.  Equally, visiting with Nashville artist and dear friend K.C. Perkins and sweet brother Ken Edwards fills me with great joy.


Did I mention The Memphis Farmers Market inspires me.  Cooking in the Summer brings joy unspeakable.



I discovered Byaldi on The Today Show in 2017.  I’ve made several versions of it and we love it everytime.

If you didn’t know…I had a birthday.  We celebrated in GRAND style.  I  continue to feel more love than words can express.  When we left for our birthday trip to Kennebunkport, ME I had lost 78 pounds. I ate a lot of birthday cake and didn’t gain weight.  At this point I realized my body had adapted to the new lifestyle…an incredible birthday gift motivated by the sweetest man in the world and given to myself.


One more birthday celebration with our South Main family. A change of season and I successful experiment with natural sugar. Then, in the midst of a busy fall, a peaceful retreat with our sweet cousin in Oklahoma.


Speaking of fall…the bands of Bentonville, Booneville and Paragould took home gold medals for their State Championship performances.  Thanksgiving was yet another special visit to Little Downton with our dear Bucky.  The house is ALWAYS lovely and the good times had by all offer sweet memories for a lifetime.


In the midst of saying farewell to our Diva Kitty we’ve spent time with loving chosen family and friends.  I ended the year eighty pounds down from the beginning of the year. And, we move on…new year…new opportunities to live, laugh and love.

The Best of the Decade…I really tried to do one a year…just not possible.


2010…Program Coordinator, U.S. Army All-American Marching Band


2011…Napa is always a winner…

12Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 1.45.46 PM

2012…but Tuscany puts up stiff competition!!!


2013…A Malibu Wedding.

2014…a tribute to Marvin Hamlisch, a Tupelo wedding, a FABULOUS remodel and a precious niece.

2015…A Chorus Line 40th reunion at The Public with the cast of Hamilton, a hug from a Broadway legend, a 35th reunion of 42nd Street. OUR Memphis wedding.

2016…a Pass Christian, MS wedding, a Blackberry Farm honeymoon and a Byhalia Buds 50th reunion.

2017…A precious new client, a 70th birthday, a D.C. wedding, a 20th anniversary and a visit to the ACL ground zero.

2018…a 60th birthday, a reunion brunch and a 70th birthday.


Here’s hoping 2020 and the new decade finds your house lovely.  If you need help with that call me.  Additionally, we trust you’ll find ways for a good time to be had by all.



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