2018…thanks for the memories

Before we jump head first into 2019 we pause to be grateful for a wonderful 2018.

My business afforded us several opportunities to travel this year.  We visited family coast to coast and celebrated anniversaries, birthday’s (three where both digits changed) and the joy’s of living.

We met new friends Miles at Tamboli Produce and Rachel and Angelique at Primas. We’ve loved getting to know them, supporting their businesses and eating their incredible food.  Find Miles at The Memphis Farmer’s Market and Cooper Young Market.  Find Primas at 523 South Main.

We had some memorable culinary moments…Surprise, Surprise.  Wild Fish, a tiny place in Medocino, CA gave us one of the top three best dining experiences we’ve had in the United States. The smoked sablefish, pickled shallots, capers, yogurt, grilled bread and the roasted eggplant and plums rocked my world.  Our friend Kirk grilled okra for an appetizer…it’s like popcorn. A recipe for Hissy Fit Dip popped up on my Facebook feed and I saved it knowing it would be a hit.  Sure enough, I did it for a Christmas Cocktail Party to rave reviews. And, The Palace Cafe in New Orleans introduced us to Crab Cheesecake. Yes, I have or will be re-creating all of these.

All ten of my marching band clients had great seasons.  However, Bentonville (AR) and Franklin (TN) both were semi-finalists at Bands of America Grand Nationals in Indianapolis, IN.  I’m honored to continue to support these young people in their pursuit of excellence.

We found new places for Brandt’s famous pose.  He’s still got IT!!!


Under the category of FABULOUS FINDS…our sweet cousin gave us a serving board which we love almost as much as we love her.  It has already been put to great use.

Another FABULOUS find…Uchi, Austin, TX.  The best sushi experience we’ve ever had.  It’s everything a dining experience should be.  And, while expensive…you leave feeling you got your money’s worth.

Christmas came and I had such a busy fall that I needed a new direction. In the midst of getting out all the decorations…some Brandt didn’t felt he’d never seen…I became very nostalgic. A ceramic nativity I made in the late 1970’s took on a whole new meaning.  Interestingly enough seeing nativity scenes in clients homes was heartwarming, as well.  We entertained a lot and enjoyed every minute. Of course, the nostalgia made its way to the kitchen where I made Mom’s Ambrosia and Grandma’s Pineapple Cake.  As we speak, Brandt is making Stella and Helen’s Pea Salad for our traditional New Years Day meal. It was great to re-visit Christmas’ past while simultaneously making new memories.

Our twentieth year was full of joy and happiness along with family and friend’s passing to the next realm.  But, above it was full of love…always love.

Here’s hoping your 2019 finds your house lovely and a good time is had by all.


Love…Always, Love!!!

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  1. FA says:

    Happy New Year to you both. Love FA

  2. FA says:

    I left one above

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