Rest and Relaxation

I told you in May I was going to blog every week.  I failed miserably.  I’ve found my commitment’s don’t coincide with a regular blog schedule.  I have started a Facebook page just for my cooking and dining “habit”…Something You Can Eat…please Like and Follow if you haven’t.

If you are following that page you’ve probably seen the photos below.  This post is intended to share the highlights of our recent time of  R & R in North California.  This year has been quite hectic for both of us and our fall commitment’s are just as arduous. This was a much needed break to enjoy some down time together as well as with dear friends and family.  I’ll share the highlights of a few topics.


We began our visit in Mendocino, CA.  There the majesty of Redwood, Eucalyptus and Cypress trees is art in and of itself.  However, craftsmen find ways to sustain the beauty of the woods in functional ways beyond belief.



This visit was our third visit to the Sausalito Arts Festival.  The first time we traveled on Labor Day weekend and just lucked upon the festival.  The second and third visits have been planned and it continues to be the most inspiring and resourceful art festival we’ve ever been to.  I have an affinity for glass and all things black and white but there was something there for everyone.


I’m doing this alphabetically but I’m sure some of you expected this to be first on the list…I must say a good time was had by all!!!


Our trip to Mendocino included brunch with a standard setting Bloody Mary and a visit to the Coppola Winery. We enjoyed fine wine in several restaurants paired with beautifully crafted food.  We also are fortunate to have loving friends who opened their homes and wine collections to us.  Their hospitality and generosity made the trip all the more special.  We celebrated our third wedding anniversary on September 5th with a wonderful dinner at Angele, Napa. We stayed at an AirBnB in Sonoma and had a spectacular picnic at the Cline Winery. And, we ended up taking an impromptu trip in to San Francisco to finish the trip off at The Buena Vista with Irish Coffee.  I promise we drank lots of water but it wasn’t nearly as memorable as the spirits and fruit of the vine shared together and with those we love.

Flora and Fauna


The beauty of Mother Nature surrounded us at every turn.  Brandt went for a walk and brought me a Surprise/August Lily. They were growing in abundance at Heritage House Resort, Mendocino.  He truly is the sweetest man in the world.  Angele had a floral display at the entrance which looked like I had done it….more truly is better. The rose arch at our AirBnB forced focus to the vineyard across the street.  And, the evergreens and grapes seemed to welcome us at every venue.


…have mercy.  I think it was Thursday night of the second week. I was sitting across the dinner table from Brandt and asked, “do you know what we’re having for dinner next week”.  He responded, “not much”.  I said, “exactly, peanut butter and jelly, tuna salad and if I’m feeling really fancy I’ll make pimento cheese.”

These are my favorite dishes, picnic, our anniversary meal and our favorite restaurant.  There wasn’t one meal that we wouldn’t do again…especially, Sweet and Sour Eggplant with Plums, Smoked Sablefish on Caraway Toast, Duck Breast and Confit with Caramelized Apricots, Deep Fried Deviled Eggs, and Fish and Chips.


…you should make up your own stories about these…


We both work in an environment where planning, organizing, orchestrating, developing and detailing is always vital to the success of our businesses. Can you believe airfare and lodging were the only thing’s we planned for a two week trip.  That’s why we had so much fun!!! Life is too short to plan the fun out of it.



A lot of people say, “you two look so happy”.  Truth is…we’ve been “so happy” for 20+ years.  It’s really hard to think a lot of people think it’s a sin.



We looked at a lot of vistas.  Mountains and water seem to produce a lot of opportunities.  Viewing both seem to be the perfect prescription leveling your biorhythms.



Truth be told we went to the West Coast just to find water. It’s what we both need to balance our lives. We don’t have to sit on the beach or swim in the ocean…just the motion of the ocean is all it takes.

The water was lovely and a good time was had by all!!!



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  1. Gorgeous photos! That one of the Golden Gate Bridge is amazing! Love the showgirl pose with Brandt…

  2. Sarah Sawyer says:

    Your writings, food photos and wit make this a fun read. Facebook as well ❤️ Keep blogging and posting, Tim!

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