New Growth Green

I’m trying to commit myself to new routines.  I’ve walked every day for a week.  I’ve made myself step away from the computer/office and do necessary things.  And, I’m going to try to blog once a week.  It’s Summer. Well, here it is as it’s currently 90 degrees…I think we’ve skipped Spring.  I have fresh mustard and turnips cooking.  I anticipate tomatoes in the coming weeks.  We’ve enjoyed asparagus, radishes and young lettuce as well as Spring Peas and Onions.  New Growth Green will always be my signature color because it gives life no matter the season.  I’m glad arrival of  New Growth Green on the farm has helped me adjust my daily routine.

New Growth Green in Nature

Whether it’s the backdrop for a stunning bride or the centerpiece for a special dinner nature’s green brings joy like no other color.  The vines along the canals of Venice as well as the Spring Peas at the Mercati di Rialto seem to explode in a range of fresh green hues. I really should’ve taken a before and after of our sedum on the farm.  We cut it back in the fall but even what we had left was beyond dead.  However, a Spring rain and a couple of warmish days worked nature’s magic and the bed is bursting forth in Sedum Grandiflora.


New Growth Green at Home

I pride myself in not being repetitive in my design work.  If I use a fabric I throw the swatch away.  I’ve never used the same wall covering twice.  I don’t even use the same furniture frames twice.  However, Benjamin Moore’s HC-1 is my Achilles heel. I’ll show you why.

Each of these rooms wall color is HC-1. The two top photos are the same room from different angles.  Just like light plays with color in nature this particular paint color changes with the light provided.  With the exception of the powder room these rooms have plenty of natural light.  Yet, they all have their own distinctive personality.

Look how these elements use green. It’s great as an accent to Charcoal. Some to make a statement. Some are updates on a traditional pattern. One re-visits the past AND a couple take a leap into the future. It’s a color I’ve used freely in the twenty-two years I’ve been in the design business.  While I want my work to be fresh and fashion forward I also walk that fine line of making sure the it’s foundation is timeless.  I think New Growth Green will always be current.

NGG in the Kitchen

We love Spring Peas…fresh or frozen.  We even love Le Seur out of  the can but only for Stella/Helen’s Pea Salad.  Brandt is not wild about other Spring offerings but I am.  I try to hide them here and there and he does a good job of pushing them around the plate but asparagus, radishes and spring onions are really not his thing. But me, mom always new if she was too tired to do a full meal she could “cut me up” a wilted salad and make cornbread…quick way to mine and dad’s heart.  I don’t know who thought about putting red-eyed gravy over spring greens with onions and radishes but…oh my goodness.

At home we’ve enjoyed the aforementioned Pea Salad as well as a couple of versions of Spring Pea Soup from our friend Kirk.  While visiting Blackberry Farm we had Roasted Squab with Pea Puree.  Ristorante Il Leccio in Sant’Angelo in Colle, Italy served us their signature Pinci (hand rolled spaghetti) with fresh pea and basil cream sauce.  Our friend Todd does a great Herbed Mashed Pea dish. Finally, the Dallas restaurant which gave us Ceviche with Spring Pea and didn’t last but the memory still lives on. These dishes make me wish it could be Spring year ’round.

Here are a few dishes you might want to try.

Butter Lettuce and Spring Pea Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette, Raymond Blanc’s Spring Pea Risotto, Spring Pea and Ricotta Toast

Here’s hoping New Growth Green helps your house to be lovely and a good time is had by all.

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