Happy Birthday, Marcy

I opened Thames Art & Interiors in Memphis’ South Main Art District in 2001. Opening night was on the district’s art walk called Trolley Night…the trolley’s are free should you choose to ride instead of walk.  Tragically, 9-11 had occurred the month before but I knew this was the right thing for me.  I chose to defy the terrorist’s and take a huge step from $250 rent in Booneville, MS to $1250 in Memphis, TN. It was a very exciting (aka scary) time in my life and business.


As the caption from this Memphis Magazine article says, the spirit on the street had an energy. I would add it had an intoxicating vitality…in more ways than one (my Gallery punch made sure of that).


Saturday morning after Friday’s opening night this lady returned…credit card in hand…highly energetic but not intoxicated…at that time!!!  It was love at first sight…has been for sixteen and a half years and will be until we move to another realm.  We did, re-did, then completely re-did her South Main home.  Two years ago we designed her a new home. Then, last year we gutted that kitchen and created a stunning new kitchen. However, that’s just business…it’s our love of all things fun and fabulous that brings the real joy to our lives.  Brandt and I gladly share her with all her downtown friends as well as everyone who’s ever had anything to do with Memphis in May.  Yet, we can’t imagine any of them loving her more than we do.

This past week she had a birthday.  She’s no longer sixty and she’s a not looking at eighty…figure it out.  The old guard got together for an intimate Sunday supper.  Marcy has been a South Mainer since the time when even the police were afraid to drive down the street. The Woodard’s joined her and positive changes began to happen rapidly. Sharon and Lawrence came next.  Brandt and I joined in 2001 and a good time has definitely been had by all.

The House…

Marcy is a lover of all things red.  I had a great time with Jill from Whitton Farms and Brandon from Delta Sol Farms at Memphis Farmers Market to help make the house lovely.


The delphiniums from Whitton Farms are beautiful companions to the watercolors we bought in Venice.  Brandt invited the South Mainer’s to join us in Italy to celebrate my 50th birthday. The gold A Chorus Line hat is a dummy cake I had made for Brandt’s 60th birthday.  We like celebrating birthday’s…especially when both numbers change.

P1070867 (2)

Terry Woodard’s photography has a wall of honor in our home.  I moved a business to South Main and while all of the Sunday supper guests are interior design clients, their gifts of love and friendship far outweigh our business relationship. Additionally, it helps a lot when we all enjoy cooking….eating…and drinking. Sharon and Terry made fabulous contributions to Marcy’s dinner.


We started with Terry’s Gravlax Canapés. I did a Hot Spinach, Artichoke and Lump Crab Dip along with Paradise Seafood Smoked Salmon Spread and Warmed Olives.

Terry also did a Citrus Spring Salad.  I did Grilled Beef Tenderloin with Horseradish Creme Fraiche and Burgundy Wild Mushroom…from Bluff City Fungi. I also did Haricot Vert and Spring Asparagus with egg and lemon vinaigrette. The asparagus was from Whitton Farms, as well. Sharon brought Ina’s Mushroom and Leek Bread Pudding. and a scrumptious Zucchini, Potato and Tomato Tian.


The top right corner shows an assortment of miniature cheesecakes we enjoyed as “birthday cake”.


The birthday girl was lovely and a good time was had by all.

Happy Birthday, Marcy…We Love You!!!

I think I’m the next one with a birthday where both digits change.  They’ve got sixteen months to plan but they know I love seafood so I’m thinking a coastal destination celebration…maybe Cape Cod.

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  1. Terry Woodard says:

    There’s no other “CHOSEN FAMILY” like this one! Our night was filled with mouth-watering delicious food, great wines, fantastic ambience, and exciting conversation. I love being a part of this amazingly talented group and I love Marcy. She’s one deserving lady! And Tim, I see a coast party in your future…😁😘

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