Spring has Sprung…Finally!!!

…but I feel so gay in a melancholy way, that it might as well be spring.

I know…I’ve hibernated.  It’s not like I haven’t thought about you but I hate winter.



Yes, I get it that it’s beautiful. No, it’s not Boston.  But three weeks of it was too much for this Southern boy. Thus, I was simply not in a Blog Mood.  But, I’m back.

We made a trip to Atlanta for January Market and managed to find beautiful things for Christmas and the farmhouse.


Della Robia is back as are jewel tones and GOLD!!!


This is going over someones mantel.  He is so handsome and dressed much better that a taxidermy specimen.


This Drexel Sofa arrived Monday and is ready for placement in the farmhouse….I know, this doesn’t look like a grandma’s farmhouse sofa…but it’s ours.


We also found this red croc wallcovering and possible bedding fabrics…it was a good trip.

P1050051 P1050052

P1050055 P1050054

JCT Kitchen and Bar was a great way to start the culinary portion of the trip.

IMG_4152_2 IMG_4151_2

Mi Cocina sent me a note thanking me for my glowing review on Yelp.

We stayed close to home during the ice and snow. Brandt even stayed at the lovely America’s Best Value Inn in Byhalia to keep away from the crazy drivers.  Thankfully, the frozen tundra disappeared in time for us to celebrate another birthday for Brandt.  We are blessed to be living with good health and happiness.



I know Capital Grille is a chain but the one in Memphis is a very nice dining experience…pricey but great for special occasions.  We had a great birthday dinner for the sweetest man in the world.

I did quiet a bit of traveling for the indoor colorguard groups I work with.  Tommy, my design partner and I created programs for twelve groups and consulted with three others this year and ten of them medaled in their state and/or regional competitions.  Six of them are traveling as I post on the way to Winter Guard International World Championships in Dayton, Ohio.  Brandt and I are traveling to New York City today. Otherwise, I would be headed to Dayton, as well.  Brandt and his fellow ACL original cast members are being honored tomorrow evening in recognition of the opening of A Chorus Line at The Public Theatre forty years ago. At that time they were all excited about being in “another show”.  They all knew it felt special but no one had any way of knowing they would be forever changing the way musical theatre was produced.  Additionally, we are getting to see Hamilton, The Public’s latest highly touted musical production. Since we’re going we might have a bite to eat…as well!!!

Back on the home front…

P1050071 P1050070 P1050072



P1050069 P1050065



We had a quiet Easter at home but shared good food and sweet family memories around a table of dressed eggs, mom’s “green” salad (I cheated and made it pink), mushroom and leek bread pudding, asparagus with roasted peppers and grilled leg of lamb with orange marmalade and horseradish sauce. We used Fay’s table linens and Helen and Bucky’s silver. There was a sweet spirit all around.

And, finally…the farmhouse!









Byhalia can’t decide if it’s a garage or a grocery store. For now, they and you just have to imagine how it will all turn out. They are putting insulation in today and drywall tomorrow.  We are closer than we’ve ever been…stay tuned.

Off to The Big Apple!!!  I’ll be back.

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