June Wedding-Part III-Late Night

The final event of the FABULOUS June Wedding was the Late Night Party.  There was discussion regarding what to call this portion of the evening. I suggested calling it a Dance Party.  However, it was suggested that the title sounded more like a fraternity party instead of dancing after a formal wedding. Thus, we simply called it Dancing. However, knowing the band we had booked and the food and beverage we intended to serve I felt the atmosphere would be EXACTLY like a fraternity party.  So, here are the photos…decide for yourselves.


Honestly, it was akin to a Southern Baptist Foot Fellowship…

Reception_1269 Reception_1272


Reception_1266 Reception_1278



Reception_1335 Reception_1310

Reception_1316 Reception_1302



DannyK'sFavs_1443 DannyK'sFavs_1359


I have no idea where the costume parts came from but obviously, they were a huge hit.


This is one of those “what happened in Tupelo, stayed in Tupelo” moments.  Clearly, a good time is being had by all!!!


Uh…yea…sorry…this is a DANCE PARTY!!!


One step away from body surfing!!!





Reception_1337 DannyK'sFavs_1528

 Reception_1492 Reception_1503




Glistening and FABULOUS!!!!


Details_1422 Details_1403

Grillswith Closeup

Reception_1423 Reception_1421

The MoB requested a blast from her past for the late night munchies as she remembered it from The University Diner in Charlottesville, VA.  We recreated what Virginia co-ed’s know as “Grillswith”…fresh out of the oil donuts with ice cream and chocolate sauce.  We offered lots of additional confectionary accoutrement to make it extra special but the memory of late nights in Charlottesville were certainly present.


As guests made their way out to create a sparkling exit the favors were available to take for a memory of this incredible evening.


Uncle Bucky tried to keep from burning down Grey Manor…”no one breath”!!!

Reception_1553 Reception_1539




And so it was…

all the venues were lovely and a good time was had by all!!!

Stewart and Victor McMillan honeymooned in Napa and Sonoma and are now home in Tupelo, MS.  I was honored to be a part of their special weekend and look forward to calling them chosen family “til death do us part”.

Undying gratitude goes to all the artists and designers as well as retail vendors who made all our dreams and especially my wishes come true.  They and their associates are some of the most professional people I’ve ever worked with and their talents unparalleled.

Rosemary Gaines-Jody’s Flowers

Angele Mueller-Tallahatchie Gourmet

Elizabeth Rose-Reed’s Department Store

Erin Stubbs-Busylad

Holly Whitworth –Creative Cakes

Mary McGuire-Mary McGuire’s Cakes

Margarete-Simply Sweet by Margarete

Donna McNeece-PPI

Jennifer and Mark Shelton-The Antler

Rick Anderson

Danny Klimentz-Photographer

Mark Anderson-Disc Jockey Attractions

Blair Hughes-Park Heights

The Soulsations

Beverly McAlilly, Nan Lawrence, Abby Condit, Cindy Mathis-Instrumentalists

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