Big D and OK

Last weekend we went to Dallas for a regional color guard competition.  Saturday was Brandt’s birthday so we extended the trip a bit and visited a sweet cousin in Oklahoma. Having visited Texas twice in the last month I realize that I enjoy visiting but it’s just not a place I would enjoy calling home.  I love contemporary design and I like things that are new.  However, Texas is just too new for me.  A friend noted an apartment complex that had interesting architecture.  I mentioned that they were all new and exactly the same.  He then said that’s how it is in Texas…if one is good…do it 100 times.  Nevertheless, we had a great weekend.

We have an annual routine.  We leave after work and stop for the night in Texarkana and eat at Red Lobster.  Check out last years post if you want photos.  Lobsterfest all the way!  The next morning it’s off to Dallas.




We met the original “boy with the headband”…Michael Serrecchia for lunch at NHS Bar and Grill. We started off the weekend with a Pimm’s Cup and a Cucumber Margarita, Meatballs and Fried Asparagus…spectacular.




The main courses were Grilled Shrimp BLT, Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower, Arugula and Peppers and Fish and Chips…all Fabulous…as was the company and conversation.


We didn’t want a large dinner so we found a place in Denton, TX called I Love Sushi. This vertical statement was amazing.

 Birthday Breakfast!!!


Shaken Orange Juice and Chocolate Milk


Loco Moco…the biscuit was amazing.


BLT…I just realized I did BLT two days in a row…LOVE Bacon!!!  This was breakfast in Denton, TX at Loco Cafe.  It felt like the Berkley, CA of Texas. All kinds of artsy people in a really cool breakfast/lunch spot.

I went to the competition and Brandt went back in to Dallas to celebrate his birthday…and celebrate they did.

IMG_3617 IMG_3624

IMG_3616  Our friends are both named Michael and they had some of Brandt’s favorite things ready for his arrival.


They took him out for a French dinner…his favorite…FREE cheesecake for the birthday boy!


And, these two Broadway Gypsies went to see a show that has its sight set on Broadway.  They said, not to make reservations anytime soon…but a good time was had by all!!!

After the competition we headed to Lake Eufaula, OK.


On the way we found a Cowboy Rib-eye at Brangus Feed Lot in McAlester.  They know how to do beef in O K L A H O M A!!!

We love our cousin but here’s the real reason we go to OK…

P1030901 P1030894  P1030879



photo P1030918 2photo

Yes, these were made from inside the house without a zoom lens…LOVE!!!

P1030892 P1030891


P1030887 P1030886


Our Favorite Place in Eufaula has some amazing works by Oklahoma artists.


These narcissus say spring is trying to make itself known in Oklahoma…it was lovely and a good time was had by all!!!

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