Holiday Highlights

I will begin by saying we admit that we have been on regular feedings.  It seems we’ve eaten every 2-4 hours since last Monday.  Nevertheless, the time with friends and family…and THE FOOD have been joyous!!!


P1030551 P1030553

P1030568 P1030569

Christmas Eve we enjoyed a Southern themed Christmas serenaded by Elvis and complete with his famous Grilled Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches in addition to Mini Beef Wellington’s, Pimento Cheese and Lobster Cheesecake and an assortment of holiday confections.



We attended Christmas Eve services where Gary Beard and the Sanctuary Choir were joined by Dallas Symphony Principal Trumpet, Ryan Anthony.  Christmas day was welcomed with the warmth and beauty of the best church music in the Mid-South.


P1030582 P1030580



We enjoyed Christmas Day at home and had friends over that evening for a relaxed time of food and fun.  We missed our sweet boy but feel his spirit with us now and always.


We made our way to Nashville to visit friends and continue our celebratory holiday.  We were fortunate to sit in on a Guilty Pleasures rehearsal.  What an amazing experience!!!  Nashville’s finest musicians doing what they do…making music…WOW!!! Beautiful People; Beautiful Music!!!


l (2)  l (1)

I’ve told you about it before.  If you don’t put Lockeland Table on your “must” lists…shame on you!!! But you have to sit at the chef’s bar.  I won’t go if I can’t sit there.  SO MUCH FUN!!!!





Barista Parlor offers a artisanal approach to the coffee culture.  Everything about the place is crafted to perfection…even the barista and especially this trio of customers!!!



P1030602 P1030604

East Nashville is model for reclaiming a city’s blighted neighborhoods.  The Art and Invention Gallery offers a range of art to please even the finest art aficionado. One could spend a week in East Nashville and not see all the shops, galleries, restaurants and clubs.  It’s a real hipster vibe but 50 is the new hip and thankfully we fit right in.





We went to Husk for lunch and I’m so glad we didn’t go for dinner.  The food is really spectacular but I can’t imagine going home and going to bed after eating there.  Rutabaga Soup with Fermented Apple, Cheese Grits with Preserved Tomatoes and a Poached Egg…OMG!!!

l (3)

We did dinner at Margot and I tell you we were having such a good time I forgot to take photos.  Margot is like going home. The food is good, the staff, like life-long friends and you just feel comfortable.  It’s the most consistent and best food Nashville has to offer.

But let me tell you there’s no place like home.  This morning we had the best brunch in Tennessee.  There are relationships in life that exceed friend or family.  That’s what this friend is to me.  We are forever connected in every realm imaginable. His home is a masterpiece of style, taste and hand-craft.


The tree for all occasions.


The wine closet.


The prayer/wash/powder room.


The Dining Mantel dressed in Christmas Kitch and Vintage Glam.


The Altar to…art?


The music corner…it is Nashville, after all!!!

And, the Glorious Food!!!


P1030634 P1030635 P1030636  P1030645 P1030649

The beverage bar offered sparkling options and Bloody Mary’s.  We had a beautiful Waldorf inspired salad, Cheese Grits (made from Cauliflower; not corn), Roasted Rosemary Sweet Potatoes, an assortment of Breakfast Pizzas with Cornmeal crust and a fresh coconut cake with blackberry compote and white chocolate popcorn…all SPECTACULAR!!!

The Holiday has been truly lovely and a good time is certainly being had by all!!!



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  1. such fun always reading your work and seeing all the pics…I am always inspired…Happy happy holidays….Chef Robert Hayes

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