I’m sitting in a glass room on Pacific Coast Highway with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.  Before we get to why I’m in this setting I have to go back to Friday.  The weekend began with another trip to South Carolina; Columbia this time. Friday evening we celebrated the birthday day of a dear friend and highly sought after wind and/or marching band conductor, clinician and adjudicator.  I did some research in on the Columbia culinary scene and found The Oak Table…in a word…FABULOUS!!! South Carolina can put some magic in your mouth.


We started big with a big bottle of big bold Cab.

IMG_3158 IMG_3157 IMG_3159

We started with charcuterie, butternut squash soup and local crudo…all housemade, fresh and delicious.




Then within cameras view was basically a surf and turf…a succulent rib-eye of beef, a deep-fried lobster and a velvety hanger steak.



After that kind of meal I usually pass on dessert but this was a birthday and they offered some of the best desserts I’ve seen in a very long time….butterscotch bread pudding with caramel popcorn and SMORES!!!  I’m a sucker for marshmallow and chocolate. The Oak Table received mixed reviews on the “innerwebs” but something told me it was going to be lovely…and, it was just that.

I judged a state marching band championship competition on Saturday. Then, Sunday I boarded a plane and literally went from one side of the United States to the other….like, as far as you can go and not get in a boat.  From Columbia, SC to Los Angeles, CA.

Conveniently, as I drove to the house I passed the Malibu Farmer’s market that takes place every Sunday…who knew!!!

P1030253 P1030250


P1030257 P1030255


Living in a place where this is available year round is mind-boggling to me.  The market had everything anyone could want…ready to take home and prepared and prepared right there in front of you…and from a broad range of nationalities.

I loaded the car and drove to this little piece of heaven hanging on a cliff by the Pacific.. and, here I sit.  You know the saying about “throwing stones”…there’s so much glass in this house I’m afraid one stone would cause the entire house to crumble into the Pacific.


IMG_3168 IMG_3167


P1030262 P1030264


I’m here to do a wedding on Tuesday. So, you’ll see more of this place in the coming days.

Last night we were treated to dinner at Nobu, Malibu.  I will tell you the food is delectable.  However, the design, setting and servers are comparable or maybe even upstages the food.



This is not the outdoor waiting area…this is the dining…year round!!!


This was the view from our table.


P1030290  P1030286



Again, the food was probably the freshest seafood of its type I’ve ever had.  The preparations are Japanese in skill but Peruvian inspired.   Thus, the textures and flavor combinations are beyond amazing.

For a weekend that wore my ass out in regards to travel…it was equally exhilarating in ambience and appetence.  All the houses were and are lovely and a good time was and will be had by all.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Teresa seal says:

    Amazing……… Can I be a piece of your luggage ?… I want to go toooooo

  2. Patsy Shelton says:

    If I didn’t like you so much- I would be so jealous! Keep traveling, eating and writing, I am right alongside with you enjoying every bit of it. Patsy Shelton

  3. Carrie Muldavin says:

    Yummy! Did any of your delectable meals include eyes?
    The house was lovely indeed!

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