What a Difference a Day Makes!!!

I told you yesterday that today we would compare and contrast Vegas to LA.  So here goes.


Here’s a welcome entrance in Las Vegas.


And, here’s the LA version.


Here’s a visual display in Vegas…


And, here’s LA…oh my!!!

Yesterday afternoon was spent at The Getty Museum in Brentwood…home of O.J., Reese, Ben, Marilyn and Arnold. I guess there’s enough drama with their personal lives that the design doesn’t have to be.  Well, that’s not fair.  The design is dramatic but at the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

Here are some architectural shots of The Getty.



P1020204 P1020247


And the gardens…

P1020236 P1020227

P1020243 P1020264

P1020239 P1020240

 And, the sculpture of Calder…

P1020255 P1020253

And, Henry Moore.

P1020262 P1020266

Between J. Paul Getty and Fran & Ray Stark the museum offers an amazing range of works.  But, like my notes about Zarkana in Vegas…the art is arguably upstaged by the architecture and horticultural design.  However, the harmony is clearly evident.  One has to rely on their own aesthetic to bring all of the elements together.

As for food…while I’m so thankful for The Memphis Farmers Market I have to say everything tastes more fresh in California; it’s just amazing.


P1020158 P1020160 P1020163 P1020164

WEST at Hotel Angelo offered:

Crispy Egg Salad…Braised Pork…Mac and Cheese with Lobster and Truffles…Vanilla infused Scallops with Sweet Pea Risotto


P1020166 P1020169

WEST also offered Lox with all the trimmings and Eggs Benedict…wake up!!!


P1020269 P1020272 P1020273

Monsieur Marcel at The Farmers Market offered:

Santa Barbara Viognier in a really cool “Bag of Ice”…Moules…Coquilles and Frites…Roasted Chicken


Hotel Angeleno et al were lovely and a very relaxing time was had by all!!!




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