What Happens in VEGAS…

…really should stay in Vegas.  Las Vegas is truly the only city in the world that can get away with the concept of “it’s not done until it’s overdone”. Moderation and Las Vegas are like fire and ice.  Personally, the visual stimulation is exhausting.  When visiting a museum or gallery there’s opportunity to take a break OR leave.  However, in Vegas there’s no way to get away from the design principle that “Bigger is Better”.  Now, I know some of you are thinking, “have you looked at your party pictures”.  Yes, thank you very much!  Did you hear me say the work is in bad taste or lacking in aesthetic appeal…NO.  Again, parties are for a moment in time.  I just don’t know that I could live or work in the “overdone” environment…24/7/365.


P1020140While neon has always made a statement in Vegas, Steven Wynn came along and took that over-scale aesthetic indoors.  These shots are from the welcome area of The Encore.  Designer Roger Thomas certainly understands scale and composition and is one of the leading designers in the hospitality industry.






The Home Store inside The Encore offers items to make your home have a touch of Vegas.  I can’t envision all of these items in my home but I do have to appreciate the artistry.  Imagine how long it takes to put glass seed beads on wires to make a Lion or Crested Crane. How much time does it take to pave’ a mirror with Aurora Borealis stones? How many flea markets do you have to visit to find enough 1960’s Optic Glass lamps to make these stunning Totems (I would gladly own one of these).  The elements of each piece is actually quiet simple.  Yet, the outcome and artistic value far from simple.


P1020156 P1020152 P1020151

While The Bellagio is no longer owned by Steve Wynn his influence continues to be seen in their dramatic floral design. Yes, I know it looks like my work!!!  Good to know if I ever need a job and want permanent dry skin and lips I can send Mr. Wynn my portfolio.

Of course, the design aesthetic applies to the dining and culinary aspect of the city.  Society Cafe at The Encore provides both over-the-t0p design and delicious food.


Eggs and Bacon (not like mama)


Eggs Benedict


Scrambled Egg Panini with Bacon, Spinach and Sun-dried Tomato


Pastrami Hash


Strawberry Tart

Bryan Forgione_Society Cafe_1000 11-27-12

Iron Chef Marc Forgione comes from a family of Top Chef’s. Bryan, Marc’s brother, is the new Executive Chef at Society. It’s called a cafe but it’s my favorite restaurant in Vegas.  The food is always great and service is standard setting.

Then the shows…

Ladder Trio

Zarkana is the newest show produced by the Cirque du Soleil brand. Cirque has been such a great fit for Vegas.  In fact, I think Vegas has helped Cirque come into its own.  From a really fresh, interesting approach to a circus…in a tent…Cirque is now arguably the most innovative of all staged productions in the world.


Zarkana is the first Cirque show to be produced on a proscenium stage…think Radio City.  It opened in November and still has some pacing issues to work out. However, it certainly lives up to the Cirque image of visual overload.  As you see, the digital imagery sometimes upstaged the talent. They somehow ignored they were on a stage opposed to a massive theatre in the round.

ZARKANA.  Hand Balancing 1.  Photo by Jeremy DanielHaving said all that, take nothing away from the talent.  The skills they display are stunning and breathtaking. Just like the simplistic elements from The Home Store, Cirque takes skills like juggling and balance acts to a level that surpasses human imagination.

Lovely is probably not a word to use with Vegas but the house was certainly “done to death”…and a good time was absolutely had by all.  Next you get to see the contrast between the Vegas aesthetic and that of Southern California.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. T. Seal says:

    YAY!!!!! LOVE VEGAS!

  2. Marcia Jefferis says:

    Oh Tim, all that flash reminds me of our Bedazzling days with Michaels. In my closet somewhere I still have that outfit that you jeweled for my 40th birthday!!! I am 62 now! You were a shining star then and still are shining bright as ever. I can see you sitting across from me beading something wearing a wedding headpiece or something all the while Betty was sculpting her styrofoam. Then us going out dancing after work. What crazy times we had. You are such a talent. I am glad to see you still doing what you enjoy.

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