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Who would’ve thought that the birthplace of Elvis would bring so much information that I had to create two posts.  I must say it’s very exciting to see the city have this new energy and growth…AND all the growth is no longer “out at the mall”.  I’ve heard it said “life is short, eat dessert first”.  So, today let’s start with something sweet.


Simply sweet is like a cross between your grandmother’s kitchen, a French Patisserie and the Jacques Torres Chocolate Studio.


I love people who are recognized by their first name. Margarete has been a name recognized in Tupelo for many years.  Her name is synonymous with fine chocolates and at Park Heights “her” customers prefer to wait until they can have her as a server.  She has a European sophistication with a touch of Southern charm that’s most endearing. She’s expanded her chocolate work to include a full range of baked goods and confections.  I can’t tell you about all of them but I will say the Bacon Bread used for Cheese Toast is a bit of heaven.


These made it to our house as well…basically a chess square with some added magic.

P1010212 P1010211 P1010210

  Tupelo is very lucky!!!

Now back to our regularly scheduled program. I met with a client at Pierce Cabinets (no relation) to discuss the cabinetry for their re-model. While there I realized I could introduce you to this incredible group of craftsmen and show you one of my favorite kitchens.


Barry Pierce and his crew have never said “no” to me.  They’ve done everything from free-standing display cabinets, to cantilevered shelving, to amazing kitchens.  We’re working on a project that is going to be stunning and you’ll get to see it later this year.

P1010219 P1010220 P1010223 P1010217

The showroom shows a range of styles and finishes along with countertop options, hardware, appliances and sinks. Their attention to detail is certainly obvious and the displays reflect the styles that the demographic demands.  However, I love them because they can absolutely do anything I ask for.

P1010231This is the kitchen of the second client I saw Wednesday.  Six years ago they decided they wanted to stay in the home they’d raised their family in but it needed an update.  They moved out for eight months, we gutted the house, did a complete remodel and they moved back in to the “same little home” they loved but with all the functions needed by a modern family.

P1010230 P1010232The original kitchen of the home was little more than a galley kitchen. With the help of Pierce Cabinets they now have a kitchen that meets their daily needs, provides plenty of space for entertaining and warmly serves as the heart of the home.  The cabinets are sycamore and the counter tops are man-made limestone from Walker Zanger. The appliances are GE Profile.

P1010229 P1010228 Floor to ceiling storage for everyday as well as seasonal and entertaining dishes. The adjacent wall is Gramercy Park subway tile by Walker Zanger. The design includes options that keep the counters clean like a pop-up mixer cabinet

P1010224 P1010227There’s a breakfast garage and two additional floor to ceiling units for pantry use.

P1010225 P1010226Also, there’s a small appliance garage and the sink and faucet are commercial grade from Blanco.

I’ve enjoyed using the kitchen while helping entertain and enjoyed meals that have been prepared with love.  The aesthetic of the kitchen is certainly strong but the function of the kitchen is the strongest asset of the design.

Again, Tupelo provides me with sweet memories…in a confectionary sense as well as the opportunity work with great craftsmen and very special clients/friends.  Thanks to Pierce Cabinets the house/kitchen is certainly lovely and Margarete affords the opportunity for a sweet time to be had by all.

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  1. Geemaa2 says:

    ncredible, want to try this sweet place also….. love the kitchen!!!!

  2. monicamedwards says:

    You do such beautiful work, Tim. My dream is that one day you’ll get to do some design work in my home.

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