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Tupelo, MS has always been a part of my life.  I grew up 30 miles from there.  We “went out to eat” there.  We shopped there.  I lived there and I’m truly blessed that currently my business and personal life include some wonderful clients/friends that live there.  Yesterday, I drove to the All-American City to see two of those special people.  Thus, I have two blog posts.  Today we’ll look at facelifts and a huge culinary surprise.

Photo 00391This post features the home of clients that is relatively new to them. We’ve known from day one that we wanted to do some improvements inside and out…including exterior paint.  I know you can’t believe we want to paint this PINK brick but BELIEVE IT!!!  The property is incredible and the bones of the dwelling are great.  However, my clients did not choose the original exterior choices and simply put the choices were wrong.  The brick color juxtaposed to the scale of the columns have always troubled us.  You’ve seen the before…here’s the after.


I could not be happier.  I’ll post when all the landscaping is complete but wanted to share what a simple coat of paint in an appropriate color can do.  The garage on the left of the photo is a new addition. As you can see the property is in a natural environment.  I’m so excited to see the home blend with its surroundings.  We’re doing work inside, as well. You’ll get to see that as the project progresses.

After a morning of “work” of course we had to have lunch.  My client had told me about a new chef in town and his very cool restaurant. Remember how I started the post.  When I was growing up “going out to eat” was Pizza Hut.  I loved their Italian dressing. Well, there’s still Pizza Hut in Tupelo and every other chain you can imagine.  However, there’s a new “pig” in town that rocked my world….a NEON PIG!!!


This is one of those places that you just have to visit to appreciate.  While diminutive in square footage the range of offerings is mesmerizing. I would be in serious financial trouble if I lived closer…it’s like looking into the mind of a member of The Culinary Mensa. Initially it appears to be similar to an old world market with a food bar.


However, if you weave your way through the blue-collar men, blue haired ladies, blue suited business people and blue-eyed blondes you get to a case of magic like I’ve seen only in Europe.


In-House Dry Aged Porterhouse


In-House Course Ground Beef for their soon to be famous SMASH Burger


Fresh Tuna


…and these prawns that look like they should be in Venice but were actually in the Atchafalaya waters on Monday.

They butcher their own beef, pork and poultry.  They cure sausages, bacon, pancetta and hams. These Southern boys have cooked all over the world but of course anything that can be smoked…they do that, too.  The menu is short and to the point…it’s about the things they love and what they do best.  It features the freshest items they can get and the most delectable preparation.


The Tuesday special was tacos…three fresh made tortillas with house smoked turkey, Benton bacon, fresh pickled cucumbers and onions. The presentation was just as artisanal as the tacos…beautifully resting on stark white butcher paper.

While I was intrigued by the brevity of the menu I love to let a chef surprise me.  I asked him to “do his thing” without bread…and that he did!!!



With little more than a “hello, glad to meet you”  Chef Mitch McCamey hit my love for all things Asian…AND seafood and knocked it out of the park.  I’m still reeling over the prawn.  He did a noodle bowl including glass noodles in a light broth, with grilled prawn, seared pork belly, kimchi, pickled cucumbers and onion and fresh greens.  The composition was not only a work of art but encompassed all my loves in one dish.

Tupelo has a lot of things that are fresh and new.  Thankfully, I helped design one of them and got to enjoy eating another. Not only was the house and food lovely but a really good time was had by ME!!!

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  1. T. Seal says:

    well, since I burn the road up…. going to Tupelo…. this will be a must on my list!! So impressed.

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