Greetings from The Big Apple.  The market is stirring with anxious shoppers and even more anxious vendors.  They are all thrilled to see us and eager to make our every wish come true.  We saw several new vendors and it seems the overwhelming trend is that much of the new product is “made right here in the U.S”.  It’s thrilling to know that American Made is “back in style”.

Natural fabrics and organic design is still very much fashion forward.  While I try to stay aware of trends my aesthetic has always been to create designs that are timeless and fit the personality of the client.  However, today I saw something so fresh I wanted to share it with you.  P1010056

I’ve always been fond of cantilevered shelving.  These are books carved from sustainable woods meshed together to create wonderful shelving for display of art and collectibles.  I really love that they are aesthetically interesting yet allow the objects perched on them to be the focus.


They are shown in their natural state but I see them used in many different ways…painted the same color as the background, black lacquer or antique gilt. Organic is not around for ever and I’ll show you something that sneaking in later in the week. Of course the idea that these are natural and feature hand carved Avians is genius.


Multiple configurations of the books allow opportunities for a wonderful focal wall or use in different rooms without monotony.  Of course, the company also offers the books individually for interest and texture in traditional book cases…not to mention the constant need for a riser on a cocktail or side table.

Then from the organic we went to the RAW.  We walked from 46th to 50th to The Amsterdam Hotel where the in-house dining room is called Natsumi.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.



…with that, after a long day I’m glad to say the houses were lovely and a good time was definitely had by all!!!

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  1. Susan says:

    I LOVE the books. And what grace these beautiful shelves? BIRDS!!!!! Have a wonderful time!

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