To Market, To Market

In the “industry” it’s time for renewal of our creative energies.  January is market time in LA, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago and New York City. I’ll be leaving Saturday to attend the New York Gift Show.  I’ve been to all the major markets in the states, as well as Maison Objet in Paris.  I find that New York inspires me the most and I always find new vendors that have wonderful items for my clients and ME!!!

blueRoomI’m looking forward to seeing They do the most wonderful creations with mirror and glass. As you see they are introducing upholstery…YAY!!! We just received a pair of bedside tables from them custom created just for the needs of the client and to my specifications.  I couldn’t be happier.

I’m also a big fan of


Their pillows and dining accessories set the standards in the industry. These business and life partners were succesful in the “rag” trade and just by sewing grosgrain ribbon together and making a pillow created a trend that has been copied near and far.  Thankfully, they had a lot more ideas to come.

It’s always fun to browse the tabletop area.  While I don’t need another thing; I certainly don’t want our guests to get bored with the table settings.1

I promise to keep you updated on trends, color and style. If you think of things you’d like me to look for, just drop me a line…everything in the world is there.  Of course, I’ll also let you know a bit about our culinary adventures while in the greatest food city in the country.

Stay tuned and until next time I hope your house is lovely and that a good time is being had by all.

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  1. FA says:

    Have a wonderful trip. Get a hat with ear flaps…it’s cold up there. Can’t wait for food porn. 🙂

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