Now or Later

I know I should be looking forward and thinking about spring but I can’t stop reflecting on this past holiday season.


 We enjoyed several soirees… IMG_2457


and hosted a few of our own.

IMG_2484  This year we decided instead of doing a big party we would do several intimate gatherings; both at home and dining out. We did shared menu parties, cocktail parties and sit down dinner parties as well as visiting with friends at Saigon Le, Asian Palace and River Oaks. We certainly had more quality time and have wonderful recollections of time shared.

MarcyBrandtKayYancyWhile the recollections are of FABULOUS friends those of you that know me know that the food played a major role, as well.

Today, I wanted to share a few recipes for your entertaining pleasure; now or later.  First, if you haven’t found you must.  Don’t tell me you don’t bake!!!  I don’t either.  However, Jennifer McHenry is genius at offering an incredible range of recipes for those of us that hate measuring and waiting as well as ones for you that love the science of confection.

For Thanksgiving I did her Mixed Nut Tart.  In full disclosure, Jennifer is my cousin and she loved my mom’s pecan pie.  I actually didn’t care for it because it was so sweet.  Jennifer has taken the idea of Pecan Pie and made it all new and FABULOUS!!!  Trust me…put this on your to-do list for now or later.


For those of you that consider yourself foodies I’ve found great pleasure in being on the James Beard Foundation email list; .  This recipe came from their newsletter and is a best seller at Momfuku Milk Bar in NYC.  At first glance it seems a bit time consuming but not really.  The first step has to cool; then it’s a breeze.  Here are things you should know.

I think it would be great without the peppermint.   It calls for 18 large peppermint sticks AND peppermint extract…too much for me.  I used two traditional size candy canes and no peppermint extract..there was plenty of peppermint cheer.  Nevertheless, I think it could be replaced with toffee or caramel chips…especially if you don’t want them at holiday time.  The texture of the Corn Flake Crunch is just FABULOUS for now or later!!!


Finally, my client and dear friend Joannie Franklin King served this cake the last time I was in the King’s home and I just had to do it during the holidays.  We had it for New Years Day after the Pork Loin, Black-eyed Peas and Collard Greens.  It’s from Southern Living 2011 and is as delicious as it is beautiful. As they say in My Big Fat Greek Wedding…”it’s a Bundt”.  So, keep it in mind for your next supper club, covered dish or Super Bowl party.  It’s really FABULOUS!!!


I hope these three items help make your house lovely and I know when you serve them a good time will be had by all!!!


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  1. Jennifer says:

    So happy you enjoyed the tart! I think your dear Mom would have approved. So very glad you’re among the blogging now, too. Have fun with it! See you soon!

  2. Kathy W says:

    Hey Tim, I love that you are sharing these wonderful recipies and some of your special times. I can’t wait to try them out. Happy Holidays. Hope to get to see you sometime in 2013.

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