Forward and Fabulous!!!

Everything is down except the Charlie Brown tree, Bucky’s trees and a few things outside. Before I dismantle those items I must begin the new year as I’ve promised numerous people I would. I haven’t entered the world of blogging as I feel a successful blog takes a serious commitment.  However, enough people that I highly respect have encouraged (nagged) me that on my first day back in “the office” I’ll make it my first official matter of business as we move forward in 2013.IMG_2478

This years tree was a Loblolly Pine that I bought years ago for a display tree.  It’s a pain to install/light but this is the second time I’ve used it in the loft and both times our guests have called it the Charlie Brown tree and found the overall design to be fabulous.  Speaking of labor intensive…the display unit behind the tree usually is appointed with books and collectibles.  However, because we have hundreds of television channels and can never seem to find anything worth watching this year the unit became home to Bucky’s trees.

Several years ago our dear friend Bucky Farnor hand cut trees out of white card stock and sent groupings of them for his Christmas card.  Last year while visiting him for Thanksgiving he gave me the left over trees.  I emptied the display shelves and ran strands of amber lights along the back of the them. Then created a forest of Bucky trees on each shelf.  The challenge of this project was that the trees are akin to dominoes; if one falls they all seem to take flight.  However, when I finally got them all positioned the display did take on a magical quality.

Three lessons to share with you for all your future design endeavors.  First, everything has to have a foundation.  There’s minimal requirement for the foundation in regards to aesthetics. The important factor is stability. As long as your tree or container is sturdy it allows you the ability to create a fabulous design. WOW!!! I just realized this lesson is also applicable in life. A loving heart and gentle spirit are much more important than outward beauty or socio/economic status.  Second, great design doesn’t always have to be expensive.  Bucky took card stock and simply cut out trees. Just by presenting the trees in mass we had a fabulous display that was the perfect amplification to our Charlie Brown tree. Finally, the third rule which you will see me use over and over again…lighting is everything.  Whether for a special occasion or every day living task lighting is important for all your projects and ambient lighting is the key to all things beautiful.

Until next time I hope your house is lovely and a good time is had by all!!!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Delia Parman says:

    Wonderful post and blog! I am so happy you responded to the nagging…um…encouragement! Looking forward to more design (and life) inspiration!

  2. Sharon Monaghan says:

    I enjoyed your advice. Can’t wait for more installments.

  3. Joannie king says:

    SOOO excited you are doing this!! Love getting to see and hear about all your “fabulous” undertakings. Especially looking “forward” to what lies ahead in 2013!!

  4. Karen Hatfield says:

    Looking forward to following this new endeavor! I love seeing all of your pictures from your recent travels, and especially your wonderful table settings and Oh my, the food!! You amaze me at what you can design. I wish I had that ability. Happy New Year!

  5. What a great idea! So glad that you are sharing the recipes and the pics. Love the look of the blog and look forward to reading more.

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