Tim’s Fabulous Finds

We all have family and friends who as Mom would say, “don’t need a thing”. Yet, it’s still wonderful to celebrate the holidays with meaningful gifts. I enjoy following several bloggers who make it their business to know what there is to know about everything. Additionally, I do a fair amount of research to stay informed about the new and unusual. Below, I hope you’ll at least have fun on a little shopping spree. Just click on the highlighted words. Some of the items are on sites which will offer many more Fabulous Finds. All of these items I’ve either already bought or have on order.


“Life is Like…”

Valrhona chocolate from the La Maison du Chocolat…the first grand Parisian house dedicated entirely to “designer chocolate”. Best friends deserve the best gifts.

Ooo La La!!!

Fromage hearts to yours”. The French Fromagiers minutely select, patiently matur, carefully pack the perfect Fromage…perfect for your socially appropriate wine and cheese night or a beautifully curated gift.

Beans, Glorious, Beans

Almost as good as Two Brooks Farm Rice. Rancho Gordo is the bean-go-to for many of the reputable chefs across the country.  There is a waiting list for the ”bean club” but thankfully when available they sell online, as well.

Cheese Glorious Cheese

Murray’s Cheese Boards features a half pound each of six different cheeses, this sampler is just enough to satisfy every cheese craving. Murray’s will help you create a cheese board so all you have to do is relax and enjoy.


Pretty Table in a Pretty Box

Pom Boxes…for the patio, porch or pool…indoors, too.  ”Relax…we’ve got your table covered so you can focus who’s in the chairs”. They have collections for lots of fun occasions.

The Knack of Gifting

Knack is modern gift given made beautiful. Create a gift with a story of shared experiences and values. A gift about exciting finds you can’t wait to share, about welcoming and thanking and connecting. Stories that both the recipient and giver still want to tell years after the gift has been opened.



Beauty and Function…Emily McCarthy stemless champagne glasses are etched with a 1-letter interlock style…the perfect glass for a welcome cocktail or a tasting flight of bubbly.

Pass the Cheese Please

Say Cheese…Reusable Fromage Sticks. A combo of six cheese identifiers to give a bit of whimsy to your next cheese platter or the perfect hostess gift for your socially appropriate visit or drive-by.

Gurgle, Gurgle

Gurgle Pot…Not only a great pitcher but always gets a laugh when it ”gurgles” at the dinner table. Crafted of durable stoneware and available in a wide range of colors. Serves as a lovely flower vase until the next dinner.

Make It Your Own

Two Funny Girls Personalized Pics…Custom drink stir sticks add that air of sophistication to any drink served at home or your socially appropriate moment. A FABULOUS idea but not a last minute purchase…order now.


Brighten the Corner

Magnetic Site Light…I gave this to Brandt for Christmas last year…he’s asked for another one this year.  It’s a great task light that stands alone or has a strong magnetic base which quickly clings to any metal surface. Battery operated LED to brighten the corner where you are.

In the Navy

Big Ass Brick of Soap…Soap that’s still manufactured in the same Memphis, Tennessee plant which was the primary supplier of military soap for over 20 years. Fresh “naval supremacy” scent has the bracing freshness of an ocean breeze – smellin’ manly.

Charge it Up

Courant offers the simplest wireless charger for your phone in locations where space saving is top of mind. The CATCH:1 is low profile, weighted so it stays put, and wrapped in quality leather with monogramming available.

Temp in an Instant

This is one of my favorite purchases of 2020. Javelin Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer for outdoor cooking, candy,  home brewing, coffee and deep frying.  A magnet on the back lets it attach to a place where it’s always within reach.

Sprinkle it…Just a little bit

OXO Dusting Wand…This is my other favorite purchase of 2020.  I discovered Smoked Paprika this year and love using this to create an even dusting.  Of course, it works beautifully for powdered sugar, as well.

Here’s hoping your house is lovely and a socially appropriate good time is had by a few.

Happy Gifting!!!

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