2016 in Review

I wanted this to be brief…but you might want to go to the restroom and grab a drink…it was a eventful year.


I’m not superstitious but if I were going to be out of the country on January 1 I would pack a jar each of home cooked black-eyed peas and greens.  Some years I do turnip greens, collard greens and cabbage slaw…so far…so good.

New year…new projects…love this tile for a master bath makeover.


Family lunch on Edwards Farm


March already had some really special dates in it but this one will be added and always hold a place close to the top.  Love this beautiful couple and was so honored to help them celebrate their love.

A St. Louis Easter trip to say “Hey, old friends…”


A wonderful project with very dear clients of 17 years.


A scary time but so thankful for caring talented medical professionals in East Tennessee.


Another quick trip to St. Louis just as Spring explodes.


A quick trip to East Tennessee…admittedly more for me than him…love knows no distance.


Stopped over in Nashville on to “work”…but somehow ended up at two gigs with the amazing Tommy Keenum.

Memphis Farmers Market Re-opens…a life force in downtown Memphis.

Look who is a college graduate…so proud of Jerin Harrison!!!


The farm house gets a little landscaping.

And…HONEYMOON!!!  We were wined and dined like royalty. We will forever be grateful to the dear friend’s that gifted us this beautiful visit to nature’s wonderland and the fine dining mecca that is Blackberry Farm. Shawn and David, we love you!!!

Six weeks later and he’s back to setting pretty Memorial Day tables…so thankful!!!

Look who decided to have a Summer Cotillion with all of his Byhalia High School Buds…


James Rufus Edwards, Jr. aka Brandt Edwards

Another new design project…Terry and Philip, thank you for your trust.


And, another “son” leaves the nest…Panama is so lucky to have the brilliant Aaron Simon. We miss him soooo much but could not be prouder.


Summer in the south…no place better!!!

Look who got engaged.  Congratulation Lizzie and Denis.  Did someone say Washington   D. C. wedding Memorial Day 2017…Yes. We. Can!!!


Cousin Susan had a birthday where both digits turned.  The South Main Family came to The Farm and we all celebrated her and the joy of living.


D.C. has a lot to offer for a sweet little wedding.

Labor Day Sunrise anticipating the Supper Club’s first ventures out to Edwards Farm…a good time is had by all.  Word on the street is they’re planning to come back.

A really special visit to New York City and The Hamptons.  The sweetest man in the world treated me to the best birthday week ever.


Progress on the river

Kitchen and Dining Room
Living Room and Balcony

Great Friends and Good Times in Charleston

Great Friends and Good Times in Memphis

A very Happy Thanksgiving

…and a very Merry Christmas

Reflection is a good thing. There were a lot of obstacles this year for those choosing to live a positive lifestyle.  I have to admit I had a dark moment.  Now, reflecting on the joys, completed projects, successful events, exciting announcements, adventurous travel and love we enjoyed…well, the dark moments quickly get washed away. Then, I look at a 2017 calendar with new opportunities for love, laughter, joy and happiness already booked…blessed beyond measure.  Here’s hoping your 2017 is lovely and a good time is had by all.




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