April Showers

April showers began the end of February and have only briefly subsided.  I’m not really ready for the dog days of summer but I am ready for the warm days and cool nights of Spring.  Unfortunately, we’ve had a lot of wet and cold. I will report that signs of Spring are everywhere and we are certainly enjoying the freshness new growth green provides.


A Spring wedding is always a good way to start the new season.  I was very fortunate to be involved in a wedding for a chosen family member.  I’ll blog with all of the official photos later but here’s a tease.


This beautiful bride was once a little doll which would crawl up in my lap and just sit.  No conversation…just sweet love.  I’m so proud of who she is and all of her accomplishments. We love you Audrey Feeney Ford.




As I said, rain has been a constant and was ever so present during the wedding weekend.  However, I’m a firm believer that rain on the wedding day is only “showers of blessings” sent from beyond by the spirits of loved ones. We certainly look forward to years of everlasting bliss for Audrey and Graham…no I don’t have a photo of Graham but we love him, too.

Spring is amplified by Easter and the permission to wear linen and white shoes. Unless, it’s cold and damp…which it is. We took a road trip over the Easter weekend and enjoyed friends and all that St. Louis has to offer.  Well, not all…mostly just food…Italian food!!!

IMG_5924 IMG_5922 IMG_5921

We love “The Hill”.  It’s the closest thing to Italy…that’s not Italy.


IMG_5941 IMG_5942

We basically stayed on The Hill all weekend…one of the best Easter’s ever!!!

Yet another sign of Spring is the opening of The Memphis Farmers Market and guess what…it was so cold the vendors looked like they were at The North Pole Farmers Market.  I did find a few signs of spring which I briskly brought back to our warm kitchen.


French Radishes, Swiss Chard, Asparagus and yes, just one head of lettuce.


Breakfast Sandwich on Green Olive Faccacia from Cucina Bakery


Snapper from Paradise Seafood


Redfish with Succotash

P1050629 P1050634

Orange and Burrata Salad; Pappardelle with Spring Peas and Prosciutto

It’s so exciting to go this time of year as every week brings something new.  I love summer, too.  However, there’s an abundance then and many of the vendors have the same thing. Now, one has asparagus. One, has radishes.  One, has beets. One, has tender lettuces. So, I put on my parka and enjoy…SPRING!!!


Whitton Farm Beets

I’ll try to be less bitchy about the weather, next time.  In fact, I have a design project I want to share with you.  I will be very excited to share that post.

Until then, here’s hoping your house is lovely and a good time is being had by all.

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  1. Marcia Jefferis says:

    Tim, I know it has been years and years since we worked together, but you still are a fond memory. I am so happy that you have someone you love and can share your lives together.

    I appreciate you sharing what is going on in your life. Your talent has surpast the star to the galaxy. You are awesome!

    So glad I met you all those years ago. You inspire me now as you did then.

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