June Wedding Part II

The wedding day began with elegantly presented brunches.

in beautifully appointed homes

with lovely hosts,

lots of exuberance

and maybe just a tiny bit of anxiousness.




Southern Accents should have covered this.

Details_0236  Details_0267 Details_0260

Everything was done to perfection to honor the bride and her entourage.




Can you die…this looks like it was styled for Saveur.


I can’t tell if this was the discussion about the first vacation without children or the installation of the swimming pool for the grandchildren.  I do know it’s two incredibly lovely ladies that raised remarkable children to become loving, caring adults and life partners.

And across town…



the men were feeling the love, too.  A Vanderbilt flag hanging at the front door…how incredibly thoughtful.

Brunches_0334 Details_0317

While the men sipped their welcome beverage they gave serious thought to the statuary in the gardens…or was this when the father of the bride was giving yet another of his famous captivating orations.



TDetails_0295 Details_0343

Details_0325   Brunches_0340

From all outward appearances…the house was lovely and a good time was had by all!!!

Now, on to the main event…




In 1899 this beautiful sanctuary was constructed to the glory of God. One hundred and fifteen years later family and friends came together in the presence of that same God to celebrate the marriage of Stewart and Victor.

P1040424 P1040423

Details_0658 Details_0656


Details_0392 Details_0386




Details_0379  Details_0395

As a designer, there is nothing more rewarding than having someone appreciate your work…except for another designer that is willing to work alongside you and help make your visions reality.  Rosemary and the staff at Jody’s took all my thoughts, dreams, sketches, changes, revisions, etc. etc. etc. and made what is reported to be one of the most beautiful wedding settings ever seen in Northeast Mississippi.  I wanted orchids…and she gave me orchids in a manner that created a beautiful setting but respected the architecture of the sanctuary.  I am forever indebted to Rosemary’s gentle patience, genuine love and unparalleled talent.





The overwhelming comment/compliment has been how the guests loved all the details.  I’ve examined that quite a bit because I didn’t really think of details in the planning.  I do what I do.  And, anything worth doing is worth doing right.  I guess if you get me you get lots of details.  So, look at the lace on the gown.  This is where a lot of the details began.  You’ll see this design motif often…not in flowers but in a myriad of other applications. The gown is from Modern Trousseau.  I suggested two gowns for Stewart…this being my favorite.  She tried on a lot of gowns in several salons but came back to this one.  It’s over the top from a design standpoint with regards to the texture and intricacy of the lace.  However, that’s all you get…and that’s obviously enough.  The simple silhouette of the gown allows Stewart’s outward and inward beauty to be the focus of her special day. Humbly, I think Modern Trousseau should use her in print work.


I have a right to be biased but professionally everything about this is FABULOUS!!!


And, come on, could this groom be any more handsome…seriously!!!  Reed’s Department Store will surely want to use this on their website.

 DannyK'sFavs_0431 Ceremony_0798  Ceremony_0800 DannyK'sFavs_0477



In this very room, there was quiet enough love for all the world.

And, in this very room, there was quiet enough joy for all the world.

And, quiet enough hope,

And, quiet enough power,

To chase away any gloom.

For Jesus,

Lord Jesus,

Was in this very room.



They didn’t tell me about this but I love it.  They chose to not see each other before Stewart walked down the aisle…I know, no pictures before…but the bride is always right…just ask Victor.  But, just before the ceremony they held hands with a door between them and had a prayer together…

so, so, so special!!!


DannyK'sFavs_0854 DannyK'sFavs_0858


Back in November the couples and families received a To-Do list from me.  It was categorized by month all the way up to the wedding day.  I revised it several times as we began to check things off the list.  But, I think it was about the month of March that “practice the kiss” was on the list.  We’ve all been to weddings where the kiss just looks awkward.  And unfortunately, we’ve been to weddings where it’s just gross.  Clearly, these two are excellent students. Not only did they practice but they perfected the art of this beautiful display of love and affection.



Beautiful family of the Bride


Gorgeous family of the Groom



Oh, Sweet Youth…how stunning!!!


…they are PRECIOUS in His sight!!!

Okay, there you have it.  They said “I do” and we have incredible photography from Danny K to prove it.  Now, it’s time to Partay!!!



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    how beautiful!!!!

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