Seasonal Segue

My mother wanted everyone that came into our home to feel loved. She had a loving spirit.  She said I love you, often…and meant it. But it was her work in the kitchen that displayed unconditional love beyond compare. She would prepare a meal with multiple entrees, numerous vegetables, various salads, a “relish” platter and a stunning assortment of cakes and pies. We would be seated for the meal and she would always say, “I hope I’ve got something ya’ll can eat”. Recently, I heard Ina Garten say she doesn’t enjoy cooking…she enjoys sharing food with those she loves.  That spoke volumes to me.  I have no desire to own a restaurant or catering business but I LOVE cooking for us and our chosen family.  So, after the holiday which requires Americans to instantly become gluttonous our refrigerator was full.  Oh, we and our Thanksgiving guests had eaten all we wanted but I also picked up my mom’s fear of running out of food or everyone not having “a plenty”.   Here are some shots from our Saturday evening “Bring Your Leftovers” dinner.


The flowers were reincarnated one more time.  This time I used table settings that were giving to us by friends


The blown glass bowl holding the flowers is an anniversary gift from Shawn and David. The monogram napkins are from Yancey and the alphabet balls from Bucky.


The plates from Fred and the girls, the linens from the Muldavin’s and the wooden bowl from Teresa & Friends for my 5oth birthday.


Well, this wasn’t left over…but lavender syrup and Proseco made for a merry beginning to the dinner.

P1030455 P1030439

P1030453 P1030452 P1030451 P1030445 P1030444 P1030443

I know, I know…not exactly leftovers in refrigerator bowls heated in the microwave.  That’s just not how mother did it and I don’t either.  The deconstructed turkey seemed to get better every time we pulled it out of the fridge.  Mom’s dressing in her Corning Ware casserole dish is extremely comforting to me.  “Chicken Dressing” was one of her mainstays.  I think some folks hoped they would have a death in the family just to get “Chicken Dressing”.  We had a small bowl of green bean casserole and a bowl of “pea salad” served in Stella’s china.  The seafood antipasti had seasoned to perfection as had the handmade pasta and beef ragu.  I did fresh creamed potatoes and Carrie brought a sinfully good “watergate” salad.

And, thus endeth the beginning of this holiday season.  Now, here’s the segue to making everything Merry and Bright.


This home is stunning everyday but especially so when dressed for the holidays.


P1030458 P1030460


Step inside the front entrance and you immediately are greeted by the fashionable colors of the season, visions of sugar plums and candy canes and the twinkle of hundreds of crystal lights glowing like the stars of Bethlehem.





Garlands, ribbons, glass ornaments and just a little glitter make the Living/Dining combination magical.


The family room tree is dressed in whimsy and fancy.  Mark Roberts fairies, houndstooth and gingham check and a rich turquoise make this tree elegant, fashion forward and just plain FUN!!!


We recently updated the furnishings in the family room.

IMG_3240 IMG_3236

Adding a bit of drama for the holidays makes a beautiful room all the more welcoming.  The stockings for two and four-legged family members are from Katherine’s Collection.  The colored ball lights from Fred’s Dollar Store.  Lights are lights are lights.  I find the dollar store and drugstore chains have a much better selection than the big box or specialty stores…and, if they only last one season you didn’t spend so much money you feel like you have to spend hours trying to repair them.

More Lovely Houses to come….

              More good times to be had by all!!!

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