Projects and Provisions

Fall is here and while some projects are complete and being enjoyed others are still in production and one is soon to begin. I’m thrilled to report that the North Mississippi project is shaping up beautifully.  There was a weak moment recently that proved three rules of renovation really does exist.  We found that it was 1) going to take more time 2) going to cost more and 3) someone will/did get mad…all in the same day…and it was full moon!!!  However, it’s going to be glorious.  Have a look at the progress on the master suite…refer to previous post to recall the step-by-step progress.


This is the re-purposed see-through fireplace between the sitting room and the bedroom in the master suite.  We love the textured travertine surround we found at Venice Tile.

P1030024I asked Pierce Cabinets to create a strie finish for the cabinets in the Master Bath.  Their artisans did a masterful job with the subtle strie which marries beautifully to the calm foundation of the travertine flooring you saw in the post “This Solitary Life”.  Yes, this  travertine is what you saw in all those crates!!!

ImageOkay, go ahead.  It’s perfectly understandable to be envious.  I am and I designed it.  I would be concerned that she will never get out of the tub but I have the privilege of knowing how fabulous the kitchen is going to be.  I feel sure she’ll successfully divide her time between the quixotic kitchen and the resplendent bath. Of course, when she tires of the tub she has the option of the paveed stone walk-through shower…SPECTACULAR!!!

The project soon to start is the re-model and addition to our farm-house that I mentioned in my last post. We are loving being on the farm full-time.  My biggest concern is knowing whether or not our flock of 36 Canadian geese will stay with us for the winter or head to Key West. I’m afraid the cows won’t know how to do their morning routine without having to navigate around their Canadian friends. Nevertheless, we are hoping to get started soon.


We’re adding a kitchen, living and dining loft to the sweet little house built in 1948.  The window wall gives a full view of the lake across the way where the horses, llamas and mono-winged duck live and the aforementioned geese spend their afternoons.  We’ve met with a friend that’s a real estate developer and found the best window source and all the best subcontractors are in our “backyard”.  Unbelievable but very exciting. We’ll eventually give up our loft in Downtown Memphis but we enjoy the spaciousness too much to not have a home that offers the same aesthetic we’ve enjoyed at the loft for the past eleven years.

Oh, for all those that have asked…yes, there is a guest room and yes, we will have PARTIES!!!

Speaking of the loft…last night was another supper club gathering.  Not at the loft but around the corner at the home you saw back in March in the post “Another Year”.


We started with deliciously fresh from the garden Skewered Caprese and a fall take on the Bellini called Peach Passion.


The salad course was Arugula Salad “in a jar” with Roasted Eggplant, Marinated Frutti di Mare and shaved watermelon radish, radicchio and yellow cauliflower accompanied by a Sriracha enhanced Citrus, Tomato and Pomegranate Shooter.


The table runner was paveed sunflowers studded with handcrafted vessels that held condiments created from Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc.


Cracked Red Pepper Pickles


Sweet Pickled French Radishes


The Tomato and Basil Marmalade was delicious spread on the Little Bites Bakery Lavash from Memphis Farmers Market.


The entrée was an amazing Cornish Game Hen with OMG delicious Mushroom and Leek Bread Pudding and tantalizing Thyme scented Lady Peas.


The Beet and Apple Chutney was delicious with the salad as well as the Lady Peas and the Fig and Balsamic Jam was a huge hit as an accompaniment to the Cornish Game Hen.


This is possibly the best chocolate dessert I’ve ever had.  It was the best balance of sweet and salty, cake and nut, chocolate and caramel I can imagine.  The perfect finale for the perfect dinner.  Oh, there was Courvoisier, Port and Domaine de Canton to top it all off…SPECTACULAR!!!

As the seasons transition; so do our lives. We continue to be thankful for good health and happiness and send energy and strength to those we know that are faced with the challenges of change.

As we move forward we trust the houses will be lovely and a good time will be had by all!!!

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