…end of summer

While I certainly still the feel the heat and humidity of summer on the farm in Mississippi my summer activities ended this weekend in Indianapolis, IN. Again, many have asked where I’ve been and complained about the lack of communication.  I understand why my cousin at Bake or Break  made blogging into a career.  I find it challenging to work, play and BLOG. Nevertheless, I’m back “on the farm” and ready to tell you how summer ended for me.

Last week we traveled to Indy for the Drum Corps International World Championships.  My association with The Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps culminated in the three-day championship event held at Lucas Oil Stadium.


Last November was the first meeting of the design team and my first time to serve the corps as Visual Coordinator alongside six other visual and music designers.  The members of corps range from age 16-21 and work all summer for this one weekend and the opportunity to perform for the world.  I had this opportunity at the age of 18. Oddly enough championships were held in Denver…home of The Blue Knights that year. I have to say I couldn’t be happier with the members performance.  They were great in prelims and semi-finals but they turned it on in finals and gave an emotionally charged, highly communicative performance…the kind I had been wishing for them all season.

BRQwD01CEAIIjwWThe program was called NoBeginningNoEnd and was inspired by Pat Metheny’s First Circle.



The visual design explored the circular form in every way imaginable.



We were very fortunate to have some Rock Star performers that engaged the audience and took them along on this magical journey of joy and excitment.


Not only were they talented but they are all beautiful and precious.










Out of the 36 corps that competed we took tenth place receiving twenty-three Box Five ratings…Box Five being the highest criteria box in the judging system.  However, my greatest joy is reading the members Facebook posts regarding their life changing experiences and how those that are still of age are already looking forward to next year.  For me, knowing they had great life experiences is more important than scores will ever be.

And, for those that are bored with my passion…we did stay at a lovely hotel and ate in a VERY broad range of restaurants.


The Alexander is a new hotel to Indianapolis…part of the Dolce Group.


The curator from the Indianapolis Museum of Art curated the art for the hotel.  It feels more like an art museum than a hotel. The silhouette seen above is made entirely of black pocket combs.



These are wall installations in the elevator lobbies on the guests floors.

l (1)

l (3)

…and these are images of the lobby bar, Plat 99.

As for food, we really ran the gamut…

restaurant_pancakes-such-mommas-pancakesCracker Barrell


Scotty’s Brewhouse


Market Table at The Alexander

l (6)  Untitled l (7)

The Famous St. Elmo Steakhouse


The incredible breakfast spot…Cafe Patachou

l (4)

l (2)

Plat 99

…and finally


it’s very difficult to pass up Lamberts!!!

Now it’s back to the real world but really proud of the Blue Knights and their very successful summer.  They were lovely, the hotel was lovely, the food was lovely and a good time was certainly had by ALL!!!

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  1. Sean Breslin says:

    Cracker Barrel is never a bad decision.


  2. As a former drum corps member, I really enjoyed Blue Knights show this summer. Powerful hornline! Congrats to you and the corps. Check out my blog if you can and tell me what you think!

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