From the Mountains…

American themed songs often mention mountains as in purple mountain majesty and from the mountains to the prairie.  Thus, it’s only fitting to celebrate our nations birthday back in the mountains of East Tennessee…our new second home. The March 30 post Good Friday, Food and Friends gave you a glimpse into why we would make the drive to East Tennessee for holiday.  Clearly the surroundings are such that one would want to visit and linger…not to mention getting to see our brother from another mother.  I walked in the door knowing a few additions had been made.  However, when I got to the back door I immediately announced “you have to get a job.”  All this free time with no creative outlet…he has no more room inside to be creative and give him another month and every square inch of the exterior will be designed down to the angle of each blade of grass.


In retrospect I think his job will be opening up his home as the cottage version of The Biltmore. In fact, when the additional boxwoods and pea gravel arrive this will be  prettier than The Biltmore Garden.

However, The Biltmore doesn’t have its own Chicken Chalet as seen in the upper right corner.


Keep in mind this was a grassy backyard last week at this time.


Yes, it’s a chalet for six Fine Feather Ladies that produce one egg each; seven days a week.

P1020539 P1020530

Designed to death, of course!!!

P1020536  P1020535 P1020533

Cutest Girls in the World!!!


Of course, we’ve been enjoying the fruits of their labor.

P1020527 P1020528 P1020520

Simple breakfast setting…just one candelabra!!!

P1020524 P1020525 P1020523 P1020526

The collection revolves with the season…easter eggs and bunnies in the vault and other small collectibles on display.

P1020560 P1020551



We took an Independence Day drive INTO the mountains…no really…up, over and between!!!


This is called “The Cabin”.


P1020554  P1020556



This little resting place is a mile and a half into the mountains and nestled between mountainous grandeur as spoken about in the afore-mentioned lyrics.  The home and the surroundings are quiet grand in scale and beauty.  However, the design aesthetic and warmth of family make the word cabin totally appropriate.

We finally got around to what many would consider the real reason for celebrating…well, any holiday!!! I brought a lot of home-grown products from Mississippi and West Tennessee and we combined it with some good eats from East Tennessee and had a small Fourth of July Feast.




The Smoked Baby Back Ribs from Hokie Smokie were amazing. We used their beans and slaw as a base to create our own signature sides. However, I will say their beans needed little more than heating…Pork-n-Beans, Black Beans and Kidney Beans with ground beef and brown sugar…of course we added bacon and they were delicious.  I did Ripley Tomato Cups filled with a succotash type vegetable salad. We had boiled corn and of course The Feathered Ladies Deviled Eggs.  And, if we were in Italy we would’ve had Frito Misto…but mother called it “Fried Stuff”… Yellow Squash, Zucchini, Okra, and Eggplant bathed in buttermilk and dusted with seasoned flour and cornmeal.

Clearly, the house was lovely and a really good time is being had by all!!!

Today, more mountain grandeur and tomorrow Cherokee for “Unto These Hills” and Sunday church in Asheville.

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    totally remarkable. happy 4th. t

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