Good Eats

My attempt to let you see the progress on my current design project was denied by the annual rain that accompanies the Beale Street Music Festival.  Therefore, you’ll just see that this weekend started off and continues to be a good eating weekend.



Friday was a work and play day.  We were in Tupelo, MS for a combination of appointments but work came to a screeching halt just in time for a late lunch.  We celebrated some May birthday’s at the Neon Pig and as you see it started the weekend off JUST RIGHT!!!  Parisian’s might roll their eyes and turn up their noses but we acted like these handled “fruit jars” were Spiegelaus flutes…oh, what fun!!!

P1010939Chef Mitch McCamey started us off with this very special charcuterie plate of Roasted Beef Marrow, Crisp Guanciale, House Cured Duck Prosciutto and a Housemade Flat Bread with delectable bites of Smoked Lardon accompanied by succulent Pork Jus Braised Carrots. This would’ve/should’ve been lunch but…No, there’s more to come.  By now you know we love birthdays!!!




Sorry, licking your monitor will not give you even a hint of how spectacular this was.  First of the season-fresh-out-of-the-Gulf Softshell Crabs on Gambino Po-Boy Bread straight from NOLA. The crunch of the Arugula, Julienne Carrots and Pickled Beets with House Made Comeback Dressing made this a study in taste, texture and decadence.  Again, this would’ve been an incredible lunch…but, NO!!!




…can you just DIE!!! This is oysters that were swimming in the Gulf the day before topped with Seared Tuna and Beet Aqua Vitae accompanied by House Made Kimchi. Then in the bowl is more tuna and for “dessert” Mitch’s Pig Candy. Okay, enough!!!  Mitch is working on another dining establishment in Tupelo.  That town is so lucky New York hasn’t snatched him up!!!

I got up Saturday and put on clothes as if it were the middle of winter and walked around the corner to The Memphis Farmers Market. It was really cold but the faithful farmers were there and we are so glad they were.






P1010975 P1010977 P1010974

Cucina Bread, Whitton Farms, True Vine, Dickey Farms, Rocking Micros and Paradise Seafood made it worth getting up and getting cold.


Saturday’s dinner started with Lettuce Wraps…Paradise Seafood Sashimi Tuna on True Vine Lettuce dressed in Asian Goodness with Pickles and Onions from Neon Pig.


For the entrée we enjoyed Paradise Seafood Oysters. They waltzed through a bath of buttermilk and then did the shake in a mix of AP flour, cornmeal and Panko breadcrumbs with salt and pepper.  At the last minute I let a couple of green heirlooms join the dance and added Roasted Fingerlings to complete the dish.  Homemade Remoulade and Rocking Micro Greens visited the dish and made for a FABULOUS Saturday Supper.


Tonight…Neon Pig Dry-Aged Rib-eyed Au Poivre with Dickey Farms Shiitake Sauce.  It’s cold and wet outside but inside the house is lovely and our local farmers are assuring a good time is had by all.



P1010988Have a great week!!!

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