Good Friday, Food and Friends

We’re in East Tennessee visiting a chosen family member and I will go ahead and say the house is lovely and a good time has already been had by all. The home was once a three bedroom, one and a half bath traditional family dwelling.  Now, it’s a Welsh Cottage designed with impeccable detail and appointed with objet d’art and collected treasures that could make curators at the Tower of London or The Forbidden City take inventory.


We began the weekend with “Lilies and Lettuce”.  Our friend was born on Easter Sunday. Thus, you’ll see an affinity for rabbits, carrots, eggs, etc. throughout the post.


Breakfast was fitting for royalty. “Eggs Fuhnor” is boiled egg composition; boiled egg stuffed with egg yolk, ham, creme fraiche and chives then put back together to look like a whole egg.  This was lathered with sausage gravy and sprinkled with egg yolk.  We had a side of creamy grits and a fresh currant glazed orange and strawberry fruit plate. unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture but you can envision amazingly flaky angel biscuits on the bread plate with orange butter (real) and apple butter (jam).

P1010502 P1010508 P1010506

We topped off breakfast with sharing Easter Bunny and Birthday gifts.


The fireplace and mantle in their new form is a textbook picture of classical elegance. Originally the fireplace had a brick hearth and a cheery “mantlepiece”  The facelift is an overlay of pavers on top of the brick with a pristine mantle treatment. The art over the mantle is what we call “bought” relatives that accompanies Imari porcelain a chiming clock as well as a pair of Foo Dogs overseeing the good fortune of the home.

P1010560 P1010464 P1010539

Every surface and every container is home to collectibles that hold stories too many to tell.


The library was a bedroom that has been custom designed to hold a lifetime collection of books, photos, “sit arounds” and cultural icons.  Sitting in this room having an afternoon “nosh” was one of the most enjoyable moments of the day.  You could be inspired from interior or floral design books, read from books owned by several generations past or do a bit of prep for your planned trip to The Biltmore Mansion.

 P1010476 P1010480 P1010478

World travels and living in many of the worlds major cities is reflected all around. A master degree in International Studies could be acquired just by studying everything that is so meticulously placed in this haven of rest.

P1010531 P1010483 P1010532

My favorites collections are the wishbones, the porcupine needles and the four-leaf clovers. They are just a minute insight to the mind of a brilliant artist and the thought process of a true visionary.

P1010524 P1010489 P1010522

Treasures from Asia…the Koi wall pockets make me kneel down!!!

P1010535 P1010517 P1010534


P1010546 P1010552 P1010550

Like I said…he was born on Easter.  Porcelain Easter Eggs, Bunnies in every medium imaginable and Speckled Eggs from Balducci’s, NYC.

P1010555 P1010561 P1010510 P1010537

One-of-a-kind treasures abound.

P1010494 P1010543 P1010499

Eventually it was time to think about creating the tablescape for dinner.  That would be easy if not for so many breathtaking choices!!!




Dinner is served…


Egg cups with soft scrambled eggs, caviar and melba toast.


Roast Leg of Lamb with Clella’s Sweet Potato Bake, Smashed Spring Peas and Honey-Ginger Marble Carrots.  We had Buttermilk Pie for dessert but my fork got to it before the camera did.


I’ve already said it but it bears repeating…The House Was Lovely and A Good Time Was Had By All!!! 

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  1. Susan says:

    Oh my gosh!!!! Breathtaking!

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