Lighting is Everything!!!

Whether you’re thinking task lighting or ambient lighting…in my opinion lighting in general is what makes a room complete. The one thing that should always be a consideration when building or remodeling is the lighting plan and DIMMERS.  There’s nothing worse than being in a room and in the words of Sheila from “A Chorus Line”  wishing for “something softer”. Here are some options if you need a little light on the subject of…light.

Ceiling Lights




I remember the days when we had a ceiling light in each room, two lamps and a “pole” lamp.  Thank you!!!  Now, ceiling lighting is more about art and design than actually lighting the room.  We light the room with incandescent lighting and bring ambience and complete the design by adding a stunning ceiling light.  Above you see a great brass rain light from Arteriors. The implied motion by the reflection of light on the brass rods as well as the “spot”  from the bulb give this fixture a lot of WOW factor. This is perfect for a foyer, hallway or even hanging for bedside or end tables.

The second fixture is glass rod with opalescent spheres from the really cool girls from Long Island City…Canopy Designs, Ltd. The rods are available in a wide range of colors and lengths and it can be hung as a pendant or flush mount.  The possibilities for this fixture are endless.

Capiz has been around for many years as the Filipino artisans mastered the craft.  Many other artisans have followed their lead and the material seems to be making a strong statement in the above drum fixtures from Worlds Away. I’m actually not sure that it’s Capiz but it still has that exotic look but is possibly a sustainable material that mimics Capiz. The glow of these fixtures will warm any room plus compliment the overall design with a strong tone-on-tone textural statement.




I really want to find a home for these two pieces.  I like the first one from Emporium because of its organic nature but mostly because I love backlighting…look at the magic the light gives to this stone.  These could be spectacular flanking a piece of art over a buffet or on either side of a marble top vanity. The second one from Global Views is one of those pieces that makes a designers job pure joy.  The fixture is made with three simple elements…brass, glass and linen.  Yet in combination, while über simple, they become the perfect accent in a hallway, master entry or sitting room.



I had to show you the stars of the market.  These blown glass pendants are from Caleb Siemon of Siemon & Salazar. It’s always wonderful to meet the artist and know a bit about where and how  items are made. These beauties are made in Santa Ana, California by Caleb who is so charming and humble.  Some artist have all the talent in the world but 1) have no social skills or 2) have egos more dramatic than their art.  Caleb has a beautiful spirit to match his amazing works of art.  He first made vessels and has recently ventured in to lighting with help from his architect wife Carmen.  The three different styles just have so many opportunities.

Finally, for a “light” dinner…well, sort of…reBar in Brooklyn. My fabulous cousins Jennifer and Quinn are living in DUMBO (Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass).  We visited them last Monday and they treated us to dinner at reBar.  It’s really HIP.  I felt like they might check my ID to see if I was OVERAGE.  I must say it was really fun to feel “cool” again.  The food, decor and service were all exceptional…It didn’t cost an arm and a leg…Instead of bread they brought seasoned popcorn AND, we could hear each other.  Below you see incredible Moules and a beautiful dish of Confit Coniglio Ravioli. We had other dishes, Sweet Potato-Parsnip Cakes, Beef Carpaccio, Mac and Cheese, etc…but I was having such a good time food got devoured before photos got taken.



I hope you find opportunities to light up your life and that in that illumination your house will be lovely.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Martha says:

    Pardon the pun, but this was very en-light-ening! Loved it..

  2. Susan says:

    Oh my gosh the stone sconce BLOWS my mind. That is truly amazing. And the blown glass pendants, truly amazing! Thanks so much!

  3. We were so very glad to spend an evening with you while you were in the city. Plus, we got to show off our little neighborhood a bit. Hope to see you here again soon!

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